Wizards Guilds

The Royal Wizards Academy of Acromar (Shard Ridighess)

Rumored to possess several hundred full members, several hundred apprentices, and several times that in affiliated magic users, The Royal Academy is likely the largest wizard organization in any of the well-traveled Shards. This organization has much influence in the midlands and a number of royals rank amongst its highest members. The Royal Academy is a tool frequently used by the Morantia family and it always serves their aims. The Royal Wizards Academy of Acromar is primarily a Lawful Good organization. The vast majority of its members are of the LG, LN, or NG alignments. Corruption is very rare and always well covered up. Virtually all members are human.

A branch of the Academy is devoted to the protection of The Silver Tower. More specifically, they protect and study the two powerful barrier Remnants that are housed within.

After completing their basic training and becoming apprentices, members wear light gray robes with small amounts of silver embroidery to denote their standing within the academy. Full members have earned their white robes. As members advance in ability, rank, and accomplishment, their robes are adorned with silver glyphs, symbols, and other markings. These markings can denote any of the above as well as areas of specialization.

Many of the Academy Wizards are universalists. None are known to specialize in necromancy or conjuration as these types of magic tend to be diminished within the barriers protecting Acromar.

The academies main grounds or campus occupies a wing of Castle Lysium, home to the King of Midland and his family, the Morantias. There are several very small schools spread across Midland and one in Acromar itself. These are the entry points for wizards-to-be who are low-born, but hope to one day train up to become an apprentice, or even gain full membership as an initiate.

The Unrobed- are new students of low or no social standing, learning the most basic fundamentals of magic. Very few are allowed access to the main campus in Castle Lysium and none may walk its halls unattended. These students pay as they go or make other arrangements with their teachers. Less than one in ten ever learns enough to cast their first cantrip before giving up. Potential apprentices are sent away at this stage if their political and ideological beliefs are not in line with the Academy. Many a hedge wizard began their training in this manner.

Gray Robes- are apprentices that have a grasp of the basics of the arcane (a lv1 player character would be a gray robe if they wanted to begin play as a part of this guild).

White Robes- are initiates that have managed to grow in knowledge and power and have proven themselves several times over to their superiors as part of their testing. White robes are considered full members of The Academy. Their actions reflect on its reputation, and they are subject to all of its laws. It is not uncommon for apprentices gain the knowledge to earn their white robes from learning on the road as adventurers.

The Kjoleseid- wizards guild of Fangseal (Shard Avildhess)

(pronounced kyo-li-seed)

Legend and rumor surround this secretive group of wizards, and almost all the stories are at least half true. It is said that they are charged with the guardianship and continued imprisonment of the living horrors from the wars just before the shattering. Locked away and trapped in enchanted ice deep beneath the towers of Fangseal are said to lie various other-worlders, great beasts, demons, and even a fallen god. These horrors are so powerful they cannot truly die. Supposedly there is even a depository of Remnants deemed too dangerous for any mortal to ever touch again.

Their organization structure is almost completely unknown to outsiders. Their numbers may rival The Royal Academy of Wizards in Acromar (Shard Ridighess). The wizards of Fangseal act as the ruling body of the continent of Vrendelig as far as most of its human inhabitants are concerned. They are on fair terms with the dwarven communities in the surrounding mountains.

Most of its members are elemental specialists of ice, cold, and wind. The cost of this specialization comes at a reduced ability to handle elemental magic of earth and fire. As wizards advance through the hierarchy they learn more secrets of the order and participate more directly in the rituals that maintain the enchantments sealing the frozen prison beneath their towers. The members of the order gain other powers as well. It is said that they become immune to the deadly conditions of the frozen waste and that the dangerous terrain can no longer betray them. It is rumored that this comes from prolonged exposure to a powerful Remnant kept within Fangseal.

In centuries long past, a less than benevolent wizard rose to the position of grand arch-mage. It is said he unleashed an imprisoned horror to smite his enemies, and in doing so, almost destroyed Fangseal.

The selection process for new students and apprentices from within that pool of students has varied through the ages. The Kjoleseid count members of every civilized race amongst their ranks including a number of beast-men/human half-breeds. Students that become apprentices must pass many tests of loyalty, wit, and bravery. To become initiates (full members) they must achieve and accomplish even more.

Unnrobed- are students from many walks of life. Those with royal blood, or strong familial ties are seldom recruited.

Black Robes- are members that have become apprentices (lv1-5 typically). The sleeves and back of the apprentices robes are adorned with complex geometric symbols denoting rank as an apprentice, the symbol of Fangseal, and incorporate the personal wizard marks of the several teachers that have taken responsibility of the young member. Apprentices robes are hooded.

Black Robes- also worn by initiates (lv6+). These robes tend to be finer, and the symbols now incorporate the initiates personal wizard mark and may denote significant personal achievements. Only another member of their order will understand the full meaning of the markings. These robes are always hooded.

When traveling away from Fangseal or otherwise dealing with non-members, the Kjoleseid typically assume the sirname of “Black”. The alignment of the organization is roughly LN, while its members may be of most alignments excluding CN, and CE.

Game mechanics are to be worked out later if someone wishes to play a wizard belonging to this order. Possible unique feats or benefits of specialization include:

Frozen Stride- the ability to move across ice, snow, or tundra without reduced movement or checking for balance. The wizard is immune to slipping unintentionally on icy surfaces. Even the thinnest sheet of ice will not break beneath his step unless he wishes it. The wizard does not leave tracks in the above mentioned terrain types unless he wishes it.

Blood of The Glaciers- immunity to the effects of exposure in cold climate and damage reduction from cold, ice and wind based attacks.

Soul of Ice- slightly enhanced damage dealt with ice, cold and wind based spells.

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