Ward The Bastard

1st level Half-Elf Thief Rogue Charlatan, Chaotic Good

Ward is a charmer. Ward is a thief. Ward is a confidence man.

Ward is not particularly sure how he ended up in the dungeoneering racket, but he needs the coin and someone to watch his back as he gets it.

If asked, Ward will admit that mistakes were made. If pressed, Ward will admit that there are debts to be paid.


A handsome half-elf with a winning smile, a twinkle in his eye, and a set of fine, nobleman's clothes, Ward makes a good impression. Slightly skinny for a human or heavyset for an elf, Ward has been known to pass as either race as it suits him. Although he prefers a well thought out disguise, simply pulling back or letting down his shoulder length hair — along with no small amount of confidence — is enough to transform Ward from one race to the other in the eyes of all but the most discerning citizen.


Despite his generally refined appearance, Ward's interview, testing, and training with Noordin and Stonehame reveal the skills of a true rogue. Nimble fingered and light-footed, Ward is almost as capable at disarming a trap with his thieve's tools as he is at disarming a mark with a cheeky wink.

Alongside those skills come the natural instincts of a rogue as well. Why fight for something when you can just convince someone to give it to you? Why fight for something if you can just steal it? Heck, why fight for something at all if there is a good chance that you will get stabbed along the way?


Ward often claims to be the bastard son of a noble family, but refuses to say which. He will often make allusions to a falling out between himself and a member of his family, leading to his current lifestyle and occupation, but the details of this supposed falling out are always vague and often changing.

Any person with a connection to the Bastion Underground will have heard a rumor or two about Ward, sometimes regarding his supposed family connections and others concerning alleged — and often fantastical — jobs that he has pulled off. Still, few in this brotherhood seem to know Ward personally, and some few speculate that he is little more than a dilettante, talking himself up to garner am unearned reputation.




Despite his time as a con-man — or perhaps because of it — Ward is quick to identify traits that he admires in others. Grigor's reliability, Carn's devotion, and Lady's iconoclasm are all things that Ward admires and, in some way, hopes to emulate. Of course, in the past that might have meant putting those same traits front and center in his latest con, but for now Ward is looking up to his companions.


Ward has a tendency to get caught up in things. Whether that might be a scheme he has come up with, an identity that he has crafted, or just a game of dice in which he has laid a wager, Ward has trouble stepping away.

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