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Noordin and Stonehame, Rediscovering Our Past to Chart Our Future!

At Noordin and Stonehame Consolidated Holdings, AAC, your satisfaction is our number one priority! Have you recently unearthed a family manuscript, do you think it holds clues to an ancient artifact? We can help you consult with one of our Lore Analysis Teams. Are you looking to sell a clearly advanced piece arcane technology? We have a Personal Arcanist that can help you get the information or gold coins that you need. Have you heard a rumor, do you have a reliable tip about where to find an arcane treasure? We'll send out a Reclamation Team to find it and get you a finder's fee if the information is fruitful. At NASCH, ancient and wondrous artifacts are our specialty.

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Apply for employment at Noordin and Stonehame and we will help you achieve your potential. Do you have a mind for research and delving into ancient mysteries? Our Lore Analysis Teams are waiting for you. Do you love the outdoors, the confines of a previously undiscovered passage, or the thrill of battle? We have a spot for you on a Reclamation Team. Are you a people person who loves to help others? Perhaps you should join the ranks of our Personal Arcanists. Do you have a mind for organization, synergies, or logistics? Then your place could be on any of our Support Teams. At Noordin and Stonehame we have a place for you!

Kanin Noordin, Co-Founder and Lead Arcane Researcher

Noordin and Stonehame Consolidated Holdings, AAC
Branches in Bastion, Trueearth, and now Seaholme



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