The Known World

Not much is known about the world beyond the Three Fastnesses. The folk of this world are content to stay in and around the Fastnesses, working hard and developing the places in which they live. To most folk the Known World boils down to:
*The Roads Between
*The Wilds

Bastion is the largest of all the Fastnesses, it is the most like a conventional nation. Consisting of several cities, towns, and hamlets within a wall encircling a mountain, it has just about something for everyone. While it is not the sole economic engine of the Three Fastnesses, you can find any kind of tradesperson amongst Bastion's localities.
People of all races and cultures mix here, resulting in a culture of acceptance that is not always found elsewhere. It benefits from mild weather and fertile soil. Since its folk have been behind its walls since anyone can remember, the folk here are experts in conservation. Hunters do not overhunt, tradesfolk do not waste overmuch, and farmers are adept at preserving the fertile ground.
Bastion's historical outlook holds military types in high esteem, as well as the folk who make up the various clergies. These two institutions hold great power, but the Council of the Watch and the Table of the Faiths are overseen by a popularly elected High Mayor who also works as a liaison between the administrators of each municipality in Bastion.

Trueearth lies almost directly west of Bastion, about 5 days journey along the Gold Road. Originally a dwarven community, this Fastness is almost entirely underground. These days, it furnaces and mines work all hours every day. One can find all types here, but dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and humans are most common. The culture here is all about hard work and productivity. Socially, it is on the conservative side, still seeing tieflings and those of orcish descent as outsiders.
Originally ran by the heads of the dwarven clans, any family that owns a business can register as a clan whose head can be part of the Grand Assembly. These elders nominate and elect a head of state to administer day-to-day political activities of Trueearth.

Located south-southwest of Bastion, about a seven day walk on the Sea Road. It is the only known sea port. Being that, the folk here are a bit more adventurous than the people of Bastion and Trueearth. They love the sea and sailing, though expeditions are rare outside the extended fishing trip. Despite this, they have a deserved reputation as thoughtful, but aloof, folk. Elves, humans, and dragonborn are common here, though most folk can be found in smaller numbers. The ruler in this large city is the Sea King, whose line has ruled here since anyone can remember. It lacks the walls and battlements of the other Fastnesses, which is viewed as folly by most folk living outside. However, anyone who has seen the Sea King's armies in action know that this perceived lack of defense is the real folly.

The races of this world are very diverse and accustomed to living and interacting with each other. You can find most races living together in Bastion. The diversity is less in Seaholme and Trueearth. Some races are deemed Outsiders, as they scrape together a living outside the known Fastnesses and remain somewhat culturally insular.

There are many gods worshipped in these lands. Some belong to the Pantheon, the array of gods worshipped widely in the Three Fastnesses. Others may worship regionally recognized dieties.

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