The Keep On The Borderland

The farthest outpost from the Great Empire, the Keep On The Borderlands stands as a demarcation point of the unknown. It stands on a small defensible plateau, manned by a strong force of militia and commanded by The Castellan, it serves to defend the realm from the forces of chaos that would invade The Great Empire from the Borderlands. Although it has not been assaulted by a great army in several generations, it still serves to keep humanoid and degenerate raiders at bay from the sparse farmlands that stand to the east.

More typically, the Keep serves as the jumping off point and base of operations for adventurers that explore and plunder the Borderlands for treasure. The Great Empire and the Castellan offer no formal support to these expeditions but they see them as a valuable asset that keeps the neighboring forces of chaos at bay. Many young and foolish souls have perished and have been buried beneath the walls of the keep in the quest for wealth in the surrounding countryside. The unfortunate ones are those who die in the wilderness alone in the dark and are never heard from again.

There are, however, enough stories of successful expeditions and glittering treasures brought hauled back from the wilds that the ranks of the adventurous are always hopeful and plenty.

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