The Crimson Blades Hall Of Shame

A Running List of Dead Heroes, Dead Hirelings, and Deserters, In Loose Chronological Order:

current up to session 33, this is a work in progress, and yes, this is a long list

Dead Player Characters:

Yngvar The Human Cleric of Heironn: Played by Shadowmancer. Created and began play session 3. Died during session 3 going toe-to-toe with an ogre!! The business end of a burning log was the last thing Yngvar saw in this life. (Kellin Greyfield the fighting man, formerly a hireling of Kujira the dwarf, became the player character of Shadowmancer from this day forward.) Yngvar's remains were brought back to the keep, he was given proper burial as dictated by his church. Jopher the head cleric of Heironn at the Keep officiated the service.

Ino The Mystic Monk, Wayward Scholar of The Crane Style: Played by Gorff. An original member of The Crimson Blades as the group was being formed. Died tragically during session 6 while battling kobolds in their den in The Caves of Chaos. He was given a Sky-Burial by Kazuo The Thief, a wanderer from Ino's homeland that had been seeking his tutelage. Various members of The Crimson Blades stood vigil for several hours over the days it took to complete the ritual.

Kazuo The Human Thief: Played by Gorff. Joined The Crimson Blades Session 6. Died session 13. Kazuo became separated from the group and wandered the miasma around Podikar's tower for some time. He encountered a group of skeletons. He quickly climbed to the top of the tower but the skeletons began to climb after him. During an attempt to drop a large stone on his enemies, Kazuo slipped and fell landing in their midst. He was torn to pieces by the skeletons, The Crimson Blades have never made an attempt to claim the body.

Taladan The Priest of Nothing: Played by Taladan. An original member of The Crimson Blades. Died session 7. Taladan was attempting to parlay with lizardmen in the goblin tongue and was subsequently skewered. After the fight The Blades buried him in a shallow muddy grave in the swamp where he died and had a brief moment of silence. Nobody knew what words to say for a Nihilistic priest. This shallow grave is a several hour hike roughly south from The Keep on The Borderlands.

Guleesh The Barbarian: Played by MewlingMoo. Created session 8. Died session 8. He fell during a fight with a room full of goblins and their goblin-king. A savage sword slash and an impaling thrust from a goblin's spear was his end. His coins and other property were split amongst the group as The Crimson Blades were very poor then. The specifics of his burial have been lost to the sands of time…

Kiyoshi The Human Wind-Priest of The Crane Clan: Played by Gorff. Joined The Crimson Blades Session 13. Died session 16. Run through by a wicked curved sword wielded by an orc. The party was raiding an orc den in The Caves of Chaos and Kiyoshi was the only warrior to fall that day. His body was brought back to the keep and he was given a proper funeral. Although, it has been forgotten if this was a traditional sky-burial or if he was buried.

Neru The Large Played by Calamari The Great (Our first B-team player character, results as expected). Joined The Crimson Blades session 33. Died session 33. The party was ambushed in the horse shoe canyon containing the caves of chaos. The group was heading to the final cave containing the blood god shrine when they began taking arrow fire from a copse of trees. The group turned and charged the hidden attackers. Neru veered off to a side thicket only to encounter more enemies. He put two into magical slumber, the third chased him out of the thicket and mauled him to death. The ambushers were gnolls. The fat man just couldn't run fast enough. Maybe The Crimson Blades should stop allowing wizards to join.

Dead Hirelings:

Elmorth The Normal Man: Hired by Kujira session 3 or earlier. Died Session 3. Little is remembered of this man. Does he lie in a shallow grave in the wilderness outside The Keep on The Borderlands like so many that followed him?

Gremo The Normal Man: Hired by Kujira session 4 or earlier. Died session 4. Little is remembered of this man. His victories and defeats have been lost to the sands of time. He was yet another sacrifice to the fires that forged The Crimson Blades!

Harold The Normal Man: Hired by Kellin Greyfield session 4. Died horribly session 4 while the party fought against scimitar and spear wielding Hobgoblins in their den in The Caves of Chaos. He was given proper burial by the priests of Heironn back at The Keep, paid for by Kellin.

Shaymus The Normal Man: Hired by Kellin Greyfield session 4. Died session 4 from friendly fire from the NPC elven warrior Greenleaf during a fight with goblins in the caves of chaos. (Greenleaf was being played by player Perfumed Dwarf at that time.) Details of his burial have been lost…

Unnamed #1 The Normal Man: (This might have been Gremo, see entry above) Hired by Kujira the dwarf session 4. Died session 4 during a fight with goblins in their den in the Caves of Chaos. Details of his burial have been lost…

Ernst The Normal Man: Hired by Kujira the dwarf session 4. It has been forgotten how this one died. He adventured with The Crimson Blades a number of times. Perhaps he died in an embarrassing manner and now "rests" in a shallow and unmarked grave somewhere in the wilderness near the Keep.

Checkers The Normal Man: Hired by Kazuo the human thief session 9. Died session 9. A single spear thrust through the middle was the end of Checkers. The Crimson Blades were fighting bandits during an ambush of their camp. Checkers never landed a single blow. Several horses were recovered after the fight, his body was thrown unceremoniously across one and taken back to the keep. At least this one had a proper burial.

Stephron The Normal Man: Hired by Kazuo the human thief session 9. Died session 10. During a two day march north from The Keep to the village of dead, he was plucked from the ground by a giant bird. It was a roc, larger than a decent sized house, it picked him up in a single claw, flying off beyond the horizon. It is thought he was still alive until he was fed to its young. By the end of the day The Crimson Blades were having trouble remembering his name and took to referring to the man turned roc-food as Adrik. There was no grave to dig and nothing to say that hanging jaws didn't already express. He was quickly forgotten, whatever his name truly was.

Alonso The Pot-boy #1: Hired session 12 by Artharil the halfling. Died session 12. When The Crimson Blades did not return from The Caves of Chaos Artharil knew they were in trouble. The blades already had a terrible reputation for getting good men killed. No sell-swords were foolish to take the job. Artharil fooled 3 boys into helping him find his friends. Alonso was the first of the three to die. During a skirmish on the top of the remains of Podikar's tower, he died from massive blood loss by a stirge. The party never exited the tower from this entry point. Only Artharil and the remaining 2 pot-boys knew about the body. Alonso's body is still rotting atop Podikar's tower.

Valantino The Pot-boy #2: Hired session 12 by Artharil the halfling. Died session 15. The party found Podikar's library and laboratory in the depths below his tower. There was a fire elemental guarding the secrets contained there. By the time the group discovered that their mundane weapons could not injure the creature, Valantino had been burned to a crisp. Poor Valantino. He had spent most of his short life scrubbing the burnt bottoms of stew pots. The last thing he could smell as his melted eyes were running down his face was his own charring flesh. What was left of his body was either totally consumed by living fire, or left to rot on the floor of the library. The blades had to run from the elemental. He should have deserted The Crimson Blades with Ruiz when he had the chance.

Razmus The Fighting Man: Hired session 18 by Kellin Greyfield. Died session 22. In the beginning Kellin refused to call him by name. Razmus was totally a rebound hireling after Vincent left unexpectedly. Razmus was slain by an arrow while guarding the wagon while the main party was clearing out an orc den in the caves of chaos. On the way back to the keep Kellin decided to bury him in a shallow grave in a thicket just off of the side of the road. Razmus was a quiet and simple man. Competent in his combat ability but his luck had just run out. He died in his armor. He died well.

Kardon The Fighting Man: Hired session 25 by Tarsus The Human Thief. Died session 25. The party returned to the cleared bugbear den to take the set of secret door into the next cave structure. Beyond those doors were a group of fire beetles. Kardon managed to killed one. Immediately after, another beetle used it's mandible to open his chest plate and exposed his heart and lungs for the rest of the party to see. After the fight, The Blades temporarily left his corpse on the bed of the slain bugbear chieftain. When they returned from slaying the minotaur, the party was already weighed down with much treasure, but carried him out anyways. The cart was nowhere to be seen so Kardon's body was hidden under a pile of leaves beneath a maple tree about 50 feet from the bugbear den entrance. The Blades never went back for his body. It is still rotting in a shiny new set of plate mail, minus the breast plate of course.

Oler The Normal Man: Hired session 31 by Harvestus The Human Cleric. Died session 31. He died from a Hob arrow to the chest during a forest skirmish with most of the last hobgoblin warriors from the tower of hob. Their shaman lead them in this battle. Oler's remains were taken back to the keep. He was given proper burial by the Church of Bosis The Lady of The Wheat.

Dead NPCs:

Unnamed Blue Rider #1: Died session 24. Part of a 20-man band lead by a noble from Hartfleet named Solan. Died by throat removal by flying gargoyle while in the company of 19 other mounted Blue Riders. Remains were returned to the keep, he was given proper burial. The gargoyle thought to be the killer was slain a few weeks later by the Crimson Blades. So he was avenged, maybe. The gargoyle was slain at the beginning of session 26. Kellin kept the head as a trophy.

Unnamed Blue Rider #2: Died session 25. Part of a four man escort lent to The Crimson Blades by Sullan of Hartfleet, Captain of The Blue Riders. It was reported by the three other riders that he and his mount were mauled to death by an owl-bear. There were no remains to bury.

Jopher The False Priest of Heironn, Cultist of The Blood God Died session 33. Jophar betrayed The Crimson Blades in mid combat while the group was being ambushed by a party of gnolls. He and his two acolytes cried from the rear ranks "Blood for the Blood-God!!!" and began to attack. The elf Gildenbough cast them into magical slumber while The Blades mopped up the gnolls. The party left the area and took sanctuary in a dryad's grove, one that had previously been saved by the blades. There the three men were put to the question. In the end, Jopher was stripped, tied, beaten, doused in military oil, lit on fire, and pushed from a high cliff. He never repented. Little information was gained from him.

Unnamed False Acolyte of Heironn #1, Cultist of The Blood God Died session 33. The first of the three traitors to die. He ran for the cliff and jumped of his own will crying "For the Bloooood-Gooooooooooooooood!!!". Little information was gained from him.

The Hirelings That Walked or Ran Away From The Crimson Blades:

Vincent The Normal Man, Who Became Vincent The Fighting Man, AKA: The Gwar Hireling: Hired by Kelling Greyfield during session 4 during a company "mass hire" of newbs (Kellin hired 3, Kujira hired 2 in this session, only two out of five survived the session, Vincent was one of them). After one too many brushes with death, Vincent decided to part ways with Kellin and The Blades. He left after session 14. During that outing, the potboy Ruiz had been paralyzed and left alone under cedar boughs, in the dark, while the party left The Caves of Mystery to recover. Vincent also had been severely injured that session. Kellin and Vincent had fought together. They had trained together. They had laughed and drank together. They had bled together. They had carried each other half-dead back from battle many a time. When Vincent reached LV2 from starting at LV0 under the harsh leadership of The Crimson Blades he decided to part ways. There was a very long and awkward parting embrace between he and Kellin. Was there something more between them?

Ruiz The Pot-boy #3: Hired session 12 by Artharil the halfling. Ran away after session 14. During a skirmish in the caves of mystery, Ruiz became paralyzed (was it a ghoul, or a carrion crawler?). The group hid him under some cedar boughs and bid him be quiet as they walked away, leaving him paralyzed and alone in the dark and dangerous depths. The group did come back for him some time later. He was alive but scared. But after these events, he was even more afraid of The Crimson Blades. After he and the group returned to the keep he ran off, never to be seen in the keep again. The Crimson Blades now have a running joke about hiding injured members under cedar boughs. This may eventually become part of an initiation right to The Blades.

Tharal The Fighting Man: He was LV2, hired session 21 by Kellin Greyfield The Human Fighter. Left his service session 26 after a near-death experience resulting in his sword hand being mangled beyond repair. During his last fight the party was attacked by 13 hasted skeletons wearing cursed amulets. Tharal destroyed many of them but went down defending Tarsus the Thief. When he came to back to consciousness at the keep he just wasn't the same after seeing his ruined hand. He left in the night with his gear and his final cut of treasure, never to be seen again.

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