The Caves Of Chaos

Located a short hike northeast of the Keep, several hundred yards off of the keep "road" lies the Caves of Chaos. A smoking and cursed cleft in an ancient and worn mountain is riddled with caves and degenerate creatures of chaos who dwell there.

It is the main point of interest to those foolish groups of "adventurers" who come to the Keep to seek their glory in the borderlands. There are many rumors that swirl around the Caves of Chaos but the common thread is that they are inhabited by dangerous creatures and there is great wealth to be found there. The Caves of Chaos are often synonymous with the Keep as the place to go and seek wealth in the wilds. Many a young empire dweller dreams of making their lot in life in the caves and returning as a person of import.

The physical Cave of Chaos are located in a mean and long cleft in a worn mountainside. Smoking and forbidding caves riddle both sides of the chasm, while hard-scrabble rock and twisted plants line the base of the canyon. The trees and shrubbery give off a sense of disease and unwholesomeness, as if the forces of chaos permeates all that live in the area. Bleached bones litter the ground, some animal, some humanoid, and some bear marks of both.

It is known that different humanoids live in different caves in tribal arrangements. Kobolds, goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears have been witnessed first hand. Some of the cave entrances are concealed by copses of trees.

There is a rumor that large dog-headed men live high up in the caves.

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