Tarsus Leblanc
Player Mathew
Class Thief (human) 4
Title Burglar
XP 9,356
GP ?
Alignment Neutral
Special Languages
Strength 10
Intelligence 15 (+1)
Wisdom 10
Dexterity 14 (+1)
Constitution 12
Charisma 12
Armor Class 3
Hit Points 8
Special Ability
Lockpicking, backstabbing, sneaky as fuck thief of rising renown
Noteworthy Possessions
Raging Bull (+1 spear taken from a minatour)
Sessions "Born Session 23"

** Physical Description**
Tarsus is a young man of 18 or 19 who stands 5' 9" tall and weighs about 175lbs. He has lank brown hair which falls around his angular face. On account of a close brush with death his hips are creaky and wear down easily. He can maintain, keep up, and thrive during daily activities and adventuring but he physically can't force march. His body just won't allow it.

** Nature and Demeanor **
Tarsus is a good kid…a bit cocky and impulsive after his success but overall he'd say he's a good person. Tarsus tries to spread his wealth around for the good of all. He'd give you the shirt off your back but if you cross him or perpetuate evil he'll go to great lengths to take revenge. He sees no problem with taking what isn't his.

** Origins **
Hailing from a large eastern city Tarsus was one of many mouths to feed. He grew up on the street, taking care of himself, and committing petty crime to keep himself and his family fed. His older brother was the bright spot in his life, the one who instilled a sense of right and wrong and taught him about the importance of humanity in all he does. As he aged the local constabulary became less and less amused with his youthful antics. After he was caught pickpocketing the purse of a wealthy merchant he was beat within an inch of his life, warned that a repeat would cost him his hands, and left dumped at the gate. It was made clear to him with a final spear butt to the stomach that he wouldn't even be allowed back into the city to gather his belongings. The young man mourned but also played the hand that he was dealt, traveling, doing odd jobs, practicing his thievery with increasing amounts of luck, and generally bumming around until he hooked up with a caravan heading to the borderlands. He'd heard tell of treasures to be found and fortunes to be made for the bold which is how he found himself walking through the gate of a large keep and into the arms of the Crimson Blades.

** Special ability **
Backstabbing (+4 to hit/X2 damage)
Can read magical languages/ciphers/codes relating to dungeoneering and thievery
Trap Finding

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