This is a space holder for the campaign Tom is currently brainstorming. It is still undecided if the system used will be an adapted version of 3.5 edition D&D or Pathfinder.


Just as the poster suggests, the Spelljammer setting allows for a party of D&D characters to travel through space. The basic book introduces an interesting magical fantasy astrophysics allowing for ships to fly with a form of magical propulsion. The setting introduces many new concepts about the structure of the universe and acts as a nice backdrop for a slightly different type of gaming than the typical D&D campaigning. There is still plenty of room for dungeon crawling and politics but there are many new features. Ship to ship combat in space is basically awesome. Crew vs crew melee is amazing as well. There is a privateering element where the party will manage an NPC crew, crew armament, cargo, and ship upgrades. Many new races are introduced as well as new feats, skills, spells, and magical items appropriate to this setting.

Much more to come

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