Sky Shield Story/Game Arc

Sky Shield

This will be the first series of games that DM Shadowmancer will run in the SoS (Shards of Syndarrah) campaign setting. The story will begin on the Shard (sub world) called Ridighess. All characters will have at the least a loose association with a Mercenary Company named Sky Shield. This story begins on the long road south from Acromar, capital city of the country most commonly called the Midlands. The parties mission is to locate Fort Blue Stone and re-establish it as a prominent hub of recruitment and training for the Company of Sky Shield. Fort Blue Stone is somewhere to the east of The Three Keeps (massive fortresses that house significant portions of The Shining Army of Acromar). These fortresses span The Neck, a wide plain that is the only gap in the barrier mountains between the Midlands and Skiggan large enough to march an army through.

The Company of Sky Shield

First founded roughly 300 years ago when an adventuring party of close knit friends slew a red wyrm in defense of a small Kingdom during a territorial conflict. The name comes from both the slain dragon Sky Fyre and the warrior who slew him, Saydrin the Wanderer, wielder of a shield that protected against dragon's breath.

In the years that followed, Saydrin became Lord Commander of 5000 warriors, all sworn to fight under the banner of the Sky Shields. Their heraldric symbol has always been a red dragon rampant on cerulean blue field with gold borders. At their peak of power and influence, contracting the Sky Shields resulted in countries repelling vast hordes of invaders as well as moving a number of borders between kingdoms and even erasing a few entirely.

Alas, three centuries of infighting and the consolidation of various political powers within the Midlands has left the Sky Shields as tattered and forgotten as a sun bleached rag hanging from one of their abandoned chapter houses. In these times their numbers rank in the hundreds, and only a rare few care about the history and traditions of Sky Shield. Can this new generation of adventurers restore past glories, can they lead Sky Shield to greatness again, or will its last banner turn to dust along with any memory of their deeds?

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