Basic Campaign World Background

Long ago when the world was whole, there was a final and terrible war between all peoples. It lasted for many generations. Many lines were drawn in the sand and all of them were crossed. Never before seen horrors were unleashed on the world, doing as much damage to the land itself as they did to the armies marching across it. Civilizations were razed, traditions were lost, and disease nearly claimed the last survivors of the old world. Blight and famine spread, the land itself split open and bled fire. Crops would no longer grow. The light of the sun was dimmed with smoke and sulfur. Magic began to die. At the height of chaos, the veil between the plains both higher and lower began to blur. Beings both celestial and infernal joined the fray. Mortal life was almost extinguished; the world was now battleground and home to beings of other planes. Perhaps this began The Shattering. Perhaps The Creator of All Things stepped in this final time to stop its children from destroying all they had inherited.

How The Shattering happened is not known, and what the world is now is not well understood. The world named Syndarrah, once whole, was broken into uncountable shards, each piece residing slightly out of phase with the others, only loosely connected by a series of rifts and portals. Some of these portals seem to be permanent, others open and close following complex patterns, some seem completely random.

In current times communication, trade, and even civil diplomacy has been known to occur between shards. Unfortunately conquest and war happen between them as well. Remnants, artifacts of great power, are still occasionally found in the eons since The Shattering. Entire kingdoms have risen or fallen because of these devices. Many Remnants have been destroyed or exhausted of their power since The Shattering. It seems there are very few left undiscovered. Shards containing relatively large numbers of stable portals have become hubs of commerce, knowledge, and civilization. The more obscure shards have developed secretive and unusual cultures.

The Shards of Syndarrah are the myriad mini-worlds, or multi-verse that the heroes have been born into. They may hail from almost any culture and any place imaginable. Fate has brought them together on the same shard. It is a time when the brave and quick-witted can band together and make their mark. It is a time of high adventure!!!

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