Session 3B: Back to the Goblin Den

Spurred by his mention of gold and glory, Ulus works up his courage to go and see his acquaintance, the mayor Heinrich. The topic of the day was gold for glory. Heinrich ends up offering payment for their services if they can rescue as many children as possible. Hold 46's coffers are bare, but the powers that be in Vigilance have provided the hold with funds to help provide for its defense. They settle on 20 coin per child saved.

That being settled, the party heads out to see what's up at the Goblin Hole. As they approach, they decide to set a watch and ambush any scout parties that may emerge from the cave's mouth. Lidian attempts to cast invisibility, but his spell misfires. Coincidentally, the guard at the entrance to the goblin den double from two to four. Soon after, a small scouting party emerges and stroll past the four goblin pickets. They have a dog! It soon dawns on Sfen that when that dog crosses the path the party came in on, the jig will be up.

Our adventurers hustle through the forest in an attempt to find the sweet spot in which they can attack the scouting party with out attracting any notice. With their original goal of thinning the goblin herd in sight, they spring into action. The group's ambush is spoiled at the last second. Lidian manages to kill one of the dogs. Meanwhile, PB shifts into white wolf form and tries to dominate the remaining dog with her newly employed canine wiles. Ulus dispatches a few greenskins. The scouting party is soon murdered, but not before the last goblin pulls out and sounds a horn in an attempt to warn his kin.

It is not long before our party clashes with another patrol, presumably the one alerted by the horn-blowing goblin. Once again, PB assumes wolf form as she attempts to draw the patrol away from the cave opening. Though further attempts to dominate this group's dog are unsuccessful, the patrol is vanquished. This time, there are no guards left at the cave entrance.

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