Session 3A: A Fireside Chat

Characters Present: Sfen, Ulus, Peaseblossom, Lidian

Amongst the neat but more dilapidated section of Hold 46, called Old Rosewood, the party of travelers sit at a table in what passes for an inn. The Rosewood Inn is for those locals who have a taste for camaraderie and home cooking, something lacking in the Hold 46 commissary. Sfen, Ulus, and PB huddle around the stone fireplace, a new face has joined the group. This face belongs to Lidian, a man versed in the arcane arts.

Over a modest meal of potato soup and sausage they share their stories about how they started out on their lives of adventure, a life so very uncommon in this land.

  • Sfen's Story: "As a hunter, I ranged across the lands of my home and ran afoul of many creatures who threaten nature. So here I am, in search of such creatures and lands to protect. I have no great love for the Effort, or the folk who willingly despoil our natural lands in the name of this Effort."
  • Peaseblossom's Story: "I hail from the Frozen North that is part of District 5. My hold was very remote. We ate a lot of narwhal, fish, and such food from the frozen waters. One day, everyone was killed by…something. I am not sure why I was spared. When I left I met Sfen on his travels and we have been companions ever since. I'd like to find out what happened to my hold and family. In my hold we were distant and disconnected from the everyday machine of the Effort, as we supplied lantern oil rendered from blubber, a small amount of skins, and a bit of dried fish."
  • Ulus' Story: "I am the 3rd son of one of the Founding houses of the realm. My father and brother answered the call to serve at the Great Portal at Vigilance. My older brother Rennic stayed behind and assumed his rightful place as Lord of the house. I have struck out on my own in search of gold and glory so I can plot my own destiny in this place. Both seem to be in short supply in our regimented society, so I am just working to pay the bills until something greater comes along."
  • Lidian's Story: "I was a simple scullion in my hold's commissary. The Examiners saw wizarding talent in me as a young lad, but I was not able to pass the tests that would bring me into the ranks of the Magi of the Vigil. I am not sure, but I may have been kidnapped a strange man named Master Pixin. He needed an assistant. He taught me much of his wizarding ways and rekindled my curiosity in the unknown arts. At one point, he passed through the boundary and did not return. He left with me his trove of knowledge. With what I know I seek to see and understand the unseen and mysterious."
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