Session 1: The Goblin Hole

PB, Sfen, and Ulus find themselves outside a goblin hole that is emanating the stank of 100 Hells. Ulus came chasing a payday, PB and Sfen follow along to make sure that he doesn't destroy the forest. As they enter, Ulus charges the goblins guarding the entrance. It is not long before PB and Sfen join the fray. The guards call others and the party is awash in goblins. Sfen plays it cool at enemies from afar. PB transforms into an owl and is soon grounded by an errant goblin blow. Ulus is almost backed over an embankment, but is able to rush down a ramp and ends up falling into a burning shit pile. Ulus manages to free two human children before a crush of goblins force the party to retreat.

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