Session 05

Present: Grigor, Glubeo

*Found Glubeo, a tiefling wizard, entangled in the garden chamber. Said he was attacked and bested by a goblin spellcaster.
*Lots of rooms with fungus and scrappy shrubs. The fungus tends to be of a purple variety that casts off a bioluminescent light.
*Fought a antler-helmed bugbear with his hunting rat.
*Explored further and found the Outsider's laboratory. He was doing some messed up plant and rat hybrid experiments. The lab was inhabited by a few fighting goblins, but mostly a bunch of weak, ready to flee, goblin commoners.
*Fought a bugbear gardener who wielded a very wicked scythe-glaive.
*Found a shadow in a chamber with a dragon statue, "killed" it. Grigor spoke the words on the dragon statue and was enveloped in flame. This flame caused his charismatic appeal to be on fire!

EXP: 350 each

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