Session 04

Present: Grigor, Carn, Lady, Ward

*Moral quandaries abound.
*We further explored the fortress level of the citadel.
*We fought many giant rats, a great many of them critted all over Grigor.
*We fought skeletons.
*Ward was a bit of a death machine, killing Yusdrayl in one multi-weapon attack.
*Carn took to carrying Calcryx's head and Yusdrayl's body around as a way to impress dungeon dwellers.
*The party dispatched the kobold's elite guard.
*Carn was savaged by a rat swarm.
*Lady consistently flipped and tumbled through the dungeon.
*We finally descended to the lower level, assaulting skeleton gardeners and more twig blights.

XP: 200 each

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