Session 03

Present: Carn, Grigor, Lady

*The party decides to explore the dungeon level and find the dragon.
*Ward stays behind to really give the throne room the once over.
*As they travel the dungeon, it seems that the goblins have been on the losing side of things.
*Encounter a few stray groups of goblins, including one group who brings Carn down temporarily.
*Make camp back the throne room.
*No sounds of battle after the rest.
*Grigor alerts the group to a twig blight attack.
*They head out and find the locked door, then knock it down.
*It is indeed the holding cell of a white dragon wyrmling [WHICH WITHOUT HESITATION ENDS MEEPO'S ENTIRE EXISTENCE (AW)].
*After subduing the wyrmling into battered unconsciousness, the party has a LOOONG conversation on what to do.
*After dragging the wyrmling around, throwing it across a trap (which Carn subsequently fell in), they decide to dispatch it, only to be witnessed by a nameless kobold who quickly runs off.

XP Awarded: 250
Jade dragon figurine
Crystal goblet
24 pieces of fine silverware
Sealed scroll case marked with the words "Khundrukar"

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