Session 02

Present: Lady, Carn, Grigor, Ward

  • Follow Meepo and go to the leader of the kobolds, Yusdrayl.
  • She tasks the group to go to the resident goblins and recapture the tribe's dragon, Calcryx.
  • Meepo treated poorly by Carn, more gently by Ward.
  • Many small treasures found, skeletons and goblins fought.
  • Fight the leaders of the Durbuluk goblin tribe, a hobgoblin named Durnn and his goblin shaman.
  • In the fight, the shaman is pushed down a shaft by Lady.
  • As the fight concludes the sounds of kobold vs. goblin battle is heard throughout the dungeon.

XP Awards: 225 each

  • Small feather token with a tree inscribed on the back.
  • Small flask of red-orange liquid (3 doses)
  • Candle of continual flame
  • Crystal flask of milky-red liquid (1 dose)
  • Crystal whistle with "Night Caller" inscribed in Dwarvish
  • 200 caltrops
  • Waterskin of clear red liquid from the dragon fountain.
  • Signet ring
  • Splint armor with same insignia as ring
  • 231 gp
  • 2 onyx gems worth 30 gp each
  • One pink potion (1 dose)
  • 2 vials of green liquid

Missives from the field:
Dear Diary,
It's me again, Carn. Not only have I been thrwarted in relieving this plane of a stinking Kobold, but my sweet apples joke has fallen to the wayside. My party seemed happy to entertain this fool, and I can take a hint (barely, but still).

The stinky Kobold led us to an even worse-ly kept hall filled with more kobolds (led by this lady named Trail-mix). Lady, much to the chagrin of Trailmix, proceeded to jump onto the altar there. I am fond of this monk's style, especially when it comes to altars. Trail-mix freaked out and then proceeded to reward everyone but Lady and me (grumble grumble).

We then we headed off to find a dragon (whoever thought giving these bipedal leather rats a dragon needs to learn about how one make better life decisions).

We found this room with a fountain that shot out some weird liquid (this dungeon has a preoccupation with different liquids, but at least its better than slime). A door in this room also had a scythe trap. We had Dobby the kobold hammer it shut. And guess what happened when I went through. I'll wait… guess. That little turd sabotaged it and I got hit by a blade. Well, needless to say, my distaste for Dobby based on my religious beliefs evolved in that moment to a personal investment in gaining justice when he turns on us.

There were some coffins n shit in the room, and an altar with even more magic items. Given that Lady and I missed out, we ran right over. Lady proceeded to do her altar thing and I grabbed a flask off…unknown liquid. Cue the skeletons to hop out and attack.

After we dispatched those we made our way into an abandon prison and found some goblins who were hiding out behind a barricade. We best them and make it into a store room. I was jumped by a stinking goblin. We killed one and I got the other in a sweet hold. After finding out that there were a bunch of goblins on the other side, and the dragon was close, I sent the goblin to the stinking pits where all of the descendants of the intergalactic serpent wizards go by shooting a sacred lightning bolt into its head.

To gain tactical advantage we decided to put lady in a barrel and shove it through the door. Unfortunately, we were unable to pull off the sweet move because of the fact that the gerblins had ran away.

We checked the doors, and decided on the second door on the right. All SWAT team tactical n stuff.

In the end we took the direct route to the Hobgoblin leader, Captain Butt Face, and some of his cronies. I tried to do a maneuver that involved me rushing in behind them and casting a super rad thunderclap that would send them careening down the hole into the abyss. It didn't work, but my party made short work of the boss battle. Lady threw the shaman (who's religious ideals I do not acknowledge, sorry HR) down the hole. It was radical.

Dobby got the shit kicked out of him. This left me in a lurch. He hadn't turned on us yet, and fought honorably agains the gerblins. Seeing him lay there, bleeding out, I was struck with a feeling in my melon-heart. Do I blindly acquiesce to the tenants of slaughter thine sworn enemy, or do I follow the other teachings of Cromm, that neither order nor chaos shall dictate my actions, and the middle road must be taken? And so I used my magics to stabilize him (Cromm allowed it through my divine hand) and I crafted a baby bjorn out of silken rope (nat 20 baby) and so now I carry the little monster in front of me like a smushy flesh shield…that I am saving.

We killed the gerblins, and are now left trying to figure out what to do. Find the dragon (and definitely not give it back to the kobolds, no way that is a good idea)? Go to the battle sounds (there is definitely glory to be had there)? Or make our way deeper (which is something we can do after the first two)?

Until next time diary!


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