Rolling Up New Characters And Stat Blocks

Rolling Up Characters

Stat Blocks

Each player will roll five sets of stats, each of which will be kept and documented on the wiki. Each stat will be rolled using the 4d6 keep the best 3 method. This increases the average stat score from 9-12 to 11-14 making a more epic average character. The tentative plan is that each of the five characters will be played, with exceptions being made for truly "stillborn" sets of stats. We will be going through a fair amount of characters. DM Shadowmancer intends to continue the tradition of save or die poisons, instant death attacks, stat drains, and level drains. Characters are going to die. Pathfinder is a more time consuming character generation system with lots of "knobs and dials" to tweak for each character. Hopefully most characters last longer than the time it takes to make them. Players investing some time into perusing Pathfinder rules is highly encouraged. Know the stuff your character can do.

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