The Tablelands

The Tablelands lay in the westernmost section of Avasteen. They sit in the shadow of the Thunderspire Range. While the entire area is referred to as the Tablelands, the folk there live mostly in the foothills beneath the Thunderspires. Ranchers, shepherds, and hunters ply their trade in the flat lands that are the namesake of this region. Though the region is not densely populated, two large cities exist in the foothills: Concordance and Hawk Hill.

Of the two cities, Concordance has the most important role in the region. Long ago, the seat of power in Avasteen designated the Tablelands a barony. Concordance was a hamlet then known as Whelbridge. The Baron established his keep there and the village prospered. In later years, a newly knighted subject ran afoul of the frost giants that live in the nearby Thunderspires. War erupted between the giants and the Tablelanders. Eventually, a trio of priests representing the locally held faiths became unlikely heroes when they brokered a lasting peace between the two peoples. The Baron renamed the city Concordance, after the pact between the Tablelanders and the frost giants. It is one of the few human cities that contains giant-sized accommodations. The treaty has continued into the present day.

Though considered a more remote region of Avasteen, the Tablelands were not spared the recent destruction that rocked its lands.

From the journals of Xan the Scribe

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