Dagmij the Green: Prologue 2

Merely weeks before the destruction of The Emerald Tower Dagmij completed his apprenticeship and completed the rite of the initiated. As part of this rite he swore oaths of obedience and duty to the order of green wizards. He also partook of The Elixer of The Evervast for the first time. The elixer was prepared by an archmage of the order as tradition dictates. The elixer is designed to expose the newly made member to powerful primordial energies, preparing his mind, body, and spirit for mastering specialty spells that also draw on this energy. The elixer can kill any who are unworthy of that power.

The elixer was presented in a large crystal vial, bubbling and smoking seemingly in defiance of reality. Dagmij gladly partook of the glowing green liquid, not spilling a drop. It burned all of his being, he collapsed all of his energy gone. He lived in a waking dream for a time. As he returned to consciousness, his mind grasped desperately at the secrets of the universe, they slipped away one at a time, shimmered and were gone. Slowly he became aware of the world again. His mentor helped him to his feet then held a mirror so Dagmij could see his face. His eyes had changed color from the pale blue of his mother, to the near iridescent green of all initiated members of the order. Laid out on a table before him were a new set of forest green robes and a matching hat. He stepped out of his old brown robes and slowly dawned the green, each movement deliberate as he exalted in his success. Finally, he had become a green mage!

He rested for nearly two weeks, a common requirement the first time a green mage takes the elixer. The night before he was to learn the first spell that directly taps into The Evervast was the night the Emerald tower was destroyed. Dagmij had to flea before he could learn a signature spell of his order. This continues to pain him greatly.

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