Dagmij the Green: The Green Wizards of The Emerald Tower

The green wizards of the Emerald tower claim a direct unbroken line of master to student from the green robed archmage that sat on the council of nine. If this claim is true then the green wizards are likely the oldest magical tradition in this world. They claim for themselves the seven-pointed emerald star as a symbol for their tradition just as their progenitor did. This symbol represents something called The Evervast.

In short, their belief is that The Evervast is both a primordial energy and primordial consciousness that encompasses, and is part of, all of the possible material planes. The Evervast is all of the matter, all of the energy, and all of the consciousness that makes up everything. In the beginning there was only the Evervast. Call it darkness, call it energy, call it infinite land, or call it all things. It became aware of itself over the coarse of immeasurable time. It was alone. Then it divided. The Evervast had become two selves that were both The Evervast when combined, both the Evervast when separated, they eventually became different. Much time passed. The Evervast separated near infinite times. Death separated from life, positive and negative energies differentiated. Time and space separated and gelled. In the early days all consciousness could change form. The elements separated allowing for more definitive form. Many proto-races were born. Beasts of land, sea and air were born. Sentient beings now walked the land. The earliest gods were born in these times, somehow maintaining much of the energy and power that all creation possessed back then. The sentient mortals in those times could still alter their world greatly by “thought, will, and word”. This was the beginning of magic use. Across the countless generations of life from then untill now, the races became shorter lived, and less capable of using magic.

Now only through extensive training, and sometimes through supernatural augmentation are the mortal races able to use magic at all.

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