Dagmij the Green: The Council of Nine

Teachings of the Green Magi as recalled by novice Dagmij

The Circle of Nine:

A millennium ago nine of the greatest archmages met to negotiate a truce. Continuous theft, espionage, assassination, and open war between practitioners of the various wizarding traditions had already led to the loss of much knowledge and power. If the warring continued, all magic and knowledge of it, could be wiped from this world completely.

Over the coarse of many years some agreements were reached. Some colors and symbols were claimed by the archmages. Of the six that were willing to make concessions to maintain peace, they chose these robe colors: white, gray, black, red, green and blue. The three that participated the least in negotiations chose no color at all and disappeared into the mists of history.

Of the laws the six colored archmages agreed on, there are only a few.

The law of Dominion: the signature spells of each tradition cannot be stolen or duplicated in any manner. There are hundreds of spells that any hedge-wizard, peasant-wizard, or “natural talent” can learn and master. These spells are available to all with the intelligence and will to use them. Signature spells draw on energy sources or are possible only through unique magical theory. These spells are off limits to any uninitiated into their respective traditions.

The law of Raiding: the libraries, laboratories, and reliquaries of each tradition cannot be raided.

The law of War: open war between the schools will not be tolerated by any of the other traditions. Too many wizards and too much knowledge will be destroyed in too short a time. Much has been lost and the use of magic is something mortals must maintain.

The law of Duels: perhaps, most important, there is the duelists law. Any fight between mages must be one wizard against one wizard with no interference.

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