Dagmij the Green: Prologue 1

Finally, I see a small town beyond the next hill. It’s hot, and I‘m beyond tired. I’ve been on foot for months now since my horse was stolen. Green robes tattered and caked with the dust of the road, I look more a beggar than a proper wizard. Even my hat is torn and broken. The Emerald Tower, home and training grounds of my order, now lies in ruin. In a single explosion in the dead of night, my life was turned upside down. I had a home. I had duty. Now I have only an apprentices spell book. The Emerald tower has many enemies, I know not which one has undone us. I do not wish to seek out surviving members of my order, if there are any, until I have something to offer. I need more power and more knowledge of our enemies.

Civilization once again is expanding west into territory abandoned long ago. I come chasing whispers and rumors. It is said the most powerful factions in my home country of Avastine control objects of incredible magic, objects that were made in these lands. Such a relic must be responsible for the destruction of The Emerald Tower. If I can learn even some of the secrets around these artifacts my order may have a future, if not, it very well may die with me…

—Dagmij the Green

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