Session 6: Assault on The Burnt Fortress, take one!

Run by Greengoat using the Delving Deeper gaming system, played 4/15/2016

After resting up at East Village our party traveled further east to Stone nest, making it in one full days march. We followed a worn road until we saw a large mound in the distance. Upon closer inspection the mound was fortified with high stone walls and the upper portion appeared to be a giant birds nest. There are literally full tree logs woven, stacked, and protruding in the same fashion as twigs from a normal birds nest. We saw a hippogriff with rider flying away from the top as we approached. A ramp circumscribed the structure which we followed to the entrance.

Xan did much of the talking, explaining the situation in East Village, the deaths of farmers, and our battle with the beast men. He explained we were here at the request of the Duke's Yeoman to gather information and assist if possible. We were allowed entrance and shown about the place as well. Jerros our guide claims there are 40 soldiers of rock nest with another 25 in training. We saw at least 10 hippogriffs in the nest in the upper level. We met personally with Jellene The Protectoress, devotee of Sarah the strong and several of her monks. We learned several interesting things.

Jellene only recently became "lord?" here, three years ago stone nest and another nearby outpost were run by Lord Valus. Jellene is still working on consolidating her power, or so she implied. Also, the Hippogriffs have been less inclined to go on long patrol of late, and refuse completely to fly over the Red Needle Wood. Their current thinking is that maybe there is something in the air that turns them away, perhaps the beastmen are burning something? Her overly boisterous and cavalier personality causes me to question if she is entirely sane.

She requests that we travel east and south to the edge of Red needle Wood to the Burt Fortess, formerly Woodwatch fort where lord Valus died in a large scale battle with beastment. She offered us the assistance of four trainee soldiers which we gladly accepted. We set out the next day.

The fort was easy enough to find. We hid from a small group of beastmen as they left the Burnt Fort. Once they passed out of sight we slowly worked our way around the fort to find a tactical approach. There are definitely signs of a big fire, but the fort is more intact than I expected, at least that's how it appears from outside. There was a well used road on the far side leading deeper into Red Needle Wood. Pat that we found an opening in the outer wall which we decided to approach.

Irkeem approached first to scout. As he was crossing the poorly maintained fairly dry moat, things began to move in the mud and long grass. Then the fighting started. A group of zombies rose from the moat. Xan turned them with the power of Taravost while some of our party took shots at them with bow and dagger. As a few zombies retreated through the opening in the outer wall, the beastmen within were alerted and began to fight them, then came after us. I put a few down with a color spray spell. As a few of us went forth from the trees to dispatch them, two winged forms flew from one of the towers. We retreated into the woods further. A large albino-buffalo-beast-man covered in gold and silver chains rushed at us, flanked by many more normal beast men, while the two flyers were above us. My sleep spell took down the lesser beast men, then it was a mess of hand to hand combat. The halfling and I tried to take to the trees but were attacked by the bat winged men. It was chaos for a few moments, then it was done. One rock nest man was unconscious but alive. The rest of us made it. We retreated back to rock nest for well deserved rest.

—Dagmij the Green

Dagmij the Green- Human wizard played by Tom
Zan of Taravost human cleric played by Geoff
Irkeem- the halfling thief played by sam

Rock Nest Trainies x4 (all survived!!)

Zombie Rock Nest Soldier x4 =
Beastman x8 =
Bat-winged humanoid x2 =
Albino Buffalo Man x1 =


Bling!- gold and silver chains worn by the Albino Buffalo Man
Ornate Silver Mask- worn by Bat-winged humanoid
Dented Not-So-Ornate Silver Mask- worn by Bat-Winged humanoid that died by Zan's hammer to its face

xp earned

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