Session 5: Hooves, Horns, and Chaos!!!

Run by Greengoat using the Delving Deeper gaming system, played 1/29/2016

We returned to Cedar Cross from the House of eyes after having explored the lower level. There was work waiting for us.

Loz the Librarian sought us out, his research into local lore turned up hints at an elven "first expedition" to this region that predates the establishment of cedar cross. They traveled to the region to set up a new eleven fastness. This group of elves may have been Roc-riders. He found drawings or rubbings of an old archway inlaid with elven writing. This archway is suppose to be 4 days ride to the west in a place called Pine-Tower-Curse, in the direction of a region called Greener Territories.

We met an elderly Meander woman named Kelli-Jose, great aunt of the young Duke Astillium Derome the 3rd. She expressed interest in us getting to know the young Duke and shared with us some local history. The local line of Dukes is a mixed bloodline of Meander and Easterner and has been for generations as a means to maintain peace. Kelli-Jose expressed concern that her nephew is too infatuated with eastern culture and wishes to recruit us (being easterners) to befriend him and steer him towards a certain Meander Princess. It seems backwater politics may be more complex that I initially expected.

A merchant from Longfarm to the south told us of missing livestock, and mysteriously mangled sheep being found in the fields.

Udo the Yeoman also had work for us- something more substantial than politics and rumors (though I am very interested in finding lost elves).
He asked us to ride to East Farm to solve a problem. Farming families are missing or dead. The local protectoress Jellene, devote to Sarah the Strong (esoteric amazonian folk hero/godess?) has not been heard from in some time. We were asked to ride east, figure out whats going on, fix it if possible, ride back and report. In return we will be allowed a meeting with the young Duke, (and hopefully some coin).

We rode west. We encountered an enraged wild bull on the first day. At a loss for what to do the three of us slowly moved away from the animal only to enrage it further. In a single charge it gored both myself and Saladin. I had no choice. I wasted a sleep spell on the damnable thing and killed it in its sleep. We stumbled back to town to rest for a few days then tried again.

Our second trip out we made it to East Farm and met up with its leader Lazoli. We were told of two farm houses where the families were thought to be dead, and of the beast men who killed them. These beast apparently hail from Red Needle Wood. We marched on. We approached the first farm house cautiously, quickly we spotted three beast men and a column of smoke coming from the other side of the house. I cast a sleep spell in such a way that it affected the three spotted beast men and any that may be in the house. Saladin and Zan charged around the house while I dispatched the sleeping monsters. The battle was long, but in the end we were victorius. We defeated 10 beast men, and laid the family to rest.

We spent the night with Lazoli and his family. We searched the second farm house finding only the remains of a massacred family. We laid them to rest as well. We will stay here another night then travel on to a place called Stone Nest in the hopes of finding Jellene the Protectoress. Supposedly she is a Roc rider. Is there possibly a connection between her and Loz's lost elves? She's been missing for two years. I don't know what would even be there to find.

—Dagmij the Green

Dagmij the Green- Human wizard played by Tom
Saladin Skym- human fighting man played by Andy
Zan of Taravost human cleric played by Geoff

Wild-Rabid-Agro-Bull x1 =400xp
Beast Men x10 =1000xp

xp earned 1400xp/3 pc = 466xp total for each of three player characters


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