Session 4: There's Always Room for Jelly

Run by Greengoat using the Delving Deeper gaming system, played 12/30/2015

A week has passed since I last enter the House of Many Eyes. My recuperation in the village completed, I wandered about, surprised to come across Irkeem the Halfling. He had come from the House of Many Eyes recently, but without the rest of our group. He resisted a bit, but I convinced him to go back to the House and assist our companions.

Upon seeing Dagmij the Green and Saladin, Irkeem seemed both relieved and embarrassed. Apparently, the brave thief had fled from some intense fighting. I was very heartened to see that a brave troop of gnomes had joined us in cleansing this place of the foul stench of evil. On top of that, a group of large and armored crow folk have begun to roost in the top of the House of Many Eyes.

The crow men and the gnomes had their own business to attend to, so Dagmij, Irkeem, Saladin, and I decide to plumb the depths of the House. As we make our way down, I am deeply disturbed by the hideous scrawling all over the walls of many rooms below the House. It screams of chaos and dark intent. As I grow more suspicious and fearful of what lies beneath this ruined tower, we come upon a room of staggering beauty. Inside, tiny glowing plants stud the walls to look like an imitation of the night sky. Upon a seat on a dais in the room, sits a ghostly figure contemplating this beauty. As no one else seems to have the resolve to approach the figure, I do. It is harmless. Happily, on my way to investigate the phantom, I stumble upon a circlet or crown. This "Thinker's Crown" allowed me to recognize the constellations on the ceiling and read the thoughts of my comrades. Apparently, Irkeem was investigating how best to rob the village bank when I spotted him. I must keep an eye on that rogue!

The crown helped us in a few situations, but it could not get us past the large set of brass doors. It did hint at something beyond those doors that is quite hungry. As we explored the depths, we came upon a room filled with bundles of dry brush and tinder, a strange stockpile for this place. Perhaps it is aromatic for old cleansing rites? As we poked around, three horned/antlered skeletons attacked us, promptly picking up Dagmij by the throat and throttling him! Apparently, this is the third time that this exact event has occurred. I was able to bring the mercy of Terevost down upon them and sent two to their eternal rest.

We encountered two different rooms in which were holes that were perfect fits for the copper rods found by the group earlier. In one room, with defaced walls, were 7 holes. When the rods were inserted they glowed red and were flung about the room in dangerous fashion. In a another room, adorned with animal imagery, a refreshing and replenishing light emanated from the rods when inserted. It was a holy place, it is my hope that the evil folk that desecrated the other rooms do not find that one.

After much searching, we finally managed to open the double bronze doors from the main chamber. Behind it awaited an amorphous mass of ochre jelly. It chased us and, upon hearing Dagmij's advice, we fight it with fire. Unfortunately, we lured it into a blade trap. That doubled our problems as the jelly split into two entities. Eventually, with some "help" from the crow men, it was destroyed. Both parts. One brave gnome, one of the Reds, was killed in the battle. May Terevost bless his heathen soul as it journeys to his gnomish deities' halls.

Merciful Terevost has been with us this day, as we believe the House of Many Eyes to be free from chaos and evil.

Irkeem the halfling thief played by Sam
Zan of Taravost played by Geoff
Dagmij the Green played by Tom
Saladin Skym played by Andy

skeletons x3

6 large copper hats made to look like woven cedar straw (very large and conical)
5 mysterious necklaces
The Seers Crown- gold with green stone occasionally allows the wearer to hear surface thoughts, also seems to give some sort of "distance vision" when worn in the throne room beneath the house of eyes. Originally in possession of Zan, later passed to Dagmij for safekeeping.

XP and GP totals:
little complex this time
Saladin Skym (left early) earned 75go and 113xp
Irkeem, Dagmij, and Zan earned 93.66gp and 485xp each

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