Session 3: CAW!!! Who Speaks Crow?

Run by Greengoat using the Delving Deeper gaming system, played 12/19/2015

Each member of our party had errands to run in Cedar Cross before our return to the Dragon's Den- The House of Eyes. For myself, I returned to the local library. Loz, its keeper, wouldn't be fit to scrub pots in the Emerald Tower, but on the frontier, he is "a great scholar". Gods! How far I have fallen. I did my best to research yellow dragons- a local breed. I had little luck. Having to rely only on my previous studies, meditation yielded little to aid me in discovering a way to better fight them.

I created an account with the Woolen's Trading Company. I also filled my pack with as many provisions as I could carry which I intended as a gift to the gnomes whom we previously left in a difficult position with only vague assurances of aid.

The halfling Irkeem, and the warrior Saladin Sky, decided to hire a mercenary to accompany us back to the ancient tower. After an overly complex process they hired a man from the south, Ashkar Degrooth, human warrior from Olone'.

And finally we were off, leaving Cedar Cross behind us in the early morning. Two uneventful hours of hiking west and we returned to the now familiar ruined structure The House of Eyes. Once there, we learned the situation had changed. The sibling of the slain yellow dragon had fled with the body. This had created a power void which was quickly filled by a traveling clan of crow-people. Meanwhile our gnome miner acquaintances were furious with the crows for moving in and were ready to go to war. (If it came to that I truly believe the gnomes would be defeated very decidedly without our aid) Thankfully Saladin was well versed in the crow language. With Saladin translating crow-speak and Irkeem speaking gnomish, we were able to negotiate a truce between the two groups. Each party stays in their own area, each is responsible for communicating danger to the other, and each is responsible for defense of the tower. we'll see how long this lasts. I suspect that at the first sign of weakness on our parties part, or the gnomes, and the entire murder will be upon us. Problem for another day I suppose. What else could we do, just murder them in their sleep?

Our party and three brave gnomes began to explore the underside of the tower. We started with The Jammed Door. We bashed, bashed some more, then tactfully pried it open, only to be set upon by a very large slime creature. A gelatinous cube I believe its called. The ensuing battle was short but furious with the little gnome Triple-Apple landing multiple hits on the thing before it liquefied and died. The combat performance of the rest of us left much to be desired. For my own part, I simply don't know any spell for dealing with such a monster. I'll have to research that in the future… We searched a series of rooms off of the main hallway and eventually came to a larger room with multiple exit points. We chose a door that led us back towards the general direction of the gnomes base camp. We came to a large room with abstract geometric relief sculpture all over the walls with six free standing columns in the center of the room and a large brass door at the far side. Each column had skeletal remains tied to them. Sacrifices perhaps? Is this the temple of some dark god, or the training grounds of a necromancy school? There was little time to ponder as the skeletons became animate as soon as we entered the room. This battle was gruesome. Many of us were beaten to unconsciousness or worse. I watched in horror as Ashkar's wind pipe was ripped out by a skeleton's claw-like hands! I was paralyzed with fear while watching him convulse on the ground bleeding out, his killer turning to me to choke me out as well. The last thing I saw was its empty eye sockets mere inches from my face and its jaw mouthing silent words of vile hatred, silent words I could almost hear…

When the fight was done only a few of us were still on our feet. I believe it was Saladin and Triple-Apple who carried the rest of us to base camp to recuperate. There is a lot more here beneath the tower than I originally suspected. That's very interesting, I'm hoping to recover quickly.

—Dagmij The Green

Dagmij the Green- Human wizard played by Tom
Irkeem- Halfling thief played by Sam
Saladin Skym- human fighting man played by Andy

Ashkar Degrooch human fighting man from Olone' land of mystery

Rainland Territory - Hall of The Dead

(check out this new link)

Scruffnozzle- gnomish miner/adventurer, right hand gnome to Bristle-Bode
Tripleapple- shortest gnomish miner/adventurer (biggest pimp of the bunch)
Ruddyshine- gnomish miner/adventurer (torch bearer)

Gelatenous Geometroid (gel cube) x1
Skeletons x5

Other Objectives:
Negotiation of The Tower Truce: a verbal agreement of peace between the murder of crows in the top level of The House of Eyes and a small group of gnomish miners taking up residence in the lower levels

(gear and 35.5gp of Ashkar's hiring fee) battle axe, chain mail armor

XP earned li'l complex this time
Peace treaty 200xp divided between 3 PCs =67xp each
Gel Cube 400xp divided between 3PCs + 3NPCs = 67xp each to the six participants
Skeleton x5 250xp divided between 2PCs(not the halfling) + 3NPCs = 50xp to each of the five participants

Dagmij and Saladin = 184xp each
Irkeem = 134xp
3 gnome miners = 117xp each

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