Session 2: Yellow Dragon's Breath Shock-Wave?

Run by Greengoat, (played 12/4/2015)

After a week of resting up at the Idle Baron Inn, some of our party mustered up the nerve to return to the house of eyes. I still can’t decide what the place was. It has a strange layout and is made of such varied materials. Perhaps we will figure it out. On our way back to the house of eyes we encountered more wolves. The Halfling Irkeem attempted to dispatch them with stealth and failed. My trusty sleep spell saved us yet again. While searching the immediate area we found a bone-strewn depression containing a pouch of silver coins and a bejeweled pin. After this we took cover and waited, watching the ancient tower from a safe distance.

Hours later a yellow-scaled dragon flew from the top of the tower, circling several times. It made direct eye contact with us, then flew away, disappearing in the distance. With the dragon gone, we quickly entered the tower. We chose the staircase leading up, carefully advancing further than we had gone before. Our Halfling thief heard voices in one of the upper rooms. It turned out to be part of a gnomish mining party. I speak no gnomish and they speak little common, the Halfling had to translate. It seems they had set up camp in the lower levels of the tower. They seek both the treasures of the tower and gemstones yet to be mined from beneath it. I don’t trust them, but the thief and the priest do. I have little interest in “friendly competition”. I cannot allow them to interfere with my mission, but I will play nice for now.

After the gnomes took their leave, our thief climbed up a final ladder to the top of the tower. A small yellow-scaled dragon with a torso the size of a large dog charged him. We all retreated. I attempted conversation in Draconic, suggesting an exchange of information. Its reply was an ear splitting inhalation and exploding exhalation of great force nearly knocking the life from me as we ran. The dragon allowed us to escape. We met up with the gnomes at the entrance, and followed them down to their base camp. There we rested for four days. I assisted with slaying some vermin while my companions recovered from their injuries.

Somehow we talked the 10 gnomes into joining us in a half-baked plan to ambush and kill one of the dragons above. Yes, dragons. We were informed there were actually two of them. So be it. When a gnome scout told us one dragon had flown away, it was time. Hirkeem had climbed the outside of the tower from a lower level to position himself for scouting the dragon den. It was our hope that we could lure the dragon into a lower room of the tower where all the gnomes and our group could fight it simultaneously while denying it flight. Hirkeem was spotted almost immediately and the plan fell apart.

The Halfling threw a dagger and somehow managed to injure the dragon. I cast a wall of fog to obscure our movement across the top of the tower. The dragon used its breath weapon to dispel my fog spell. I didn’t know it could do that! Darrus the priest ran out to join the frey. In a panic, our plan completely ruined, I bolted across the open tower top, beneath the flying dragon, and into its den, hoping to find something that could help us defeat it. I found a nearly barren room, accept for a large pile of gold and silver coins. I began filling my bag as quickly as possible, refusing to leave without something to show for our efforts here. I am not a coward! I’m not. I was simply distraught by how fully our plan had failed. This dragon was quite verbose, taunting my companions in the common tongue with its booming voice while it toyed with them mercilessly. Hirkeem and Darrus continued to fight the dragon outside. Darrus landed a final and mighty blow with his war hammer, killing the thing. As promised, the gnomes took their half, but did not actually fight to earn it.

We made promises to return with more of our companions as soon as possible to aid the gnomes with the second dragon. We left them at the tower, shamelessly seeking refuge hours away in Cedar Crossing.

—Dagmij The Green

Dagmij the Green- Human wizard played by Tom
Irkeem- Halfling thief played by Sam
Darrus For Cerrain- Human cleric of Cerrain played by Matt

Wolves x4
Spiders x2
Giant Rats x4
Hatchling yellow Dragon named Vastakil x1

Gold Cloak Pin encrusted with rubies worth 100gp
Pouch of coins of Avastene mint 200sp
Our half of the dragon hoarde 1500sp, 150gp
(Irkeem stole a coin purse full of silver from one of the gnomes, not counted in totals)

Total treasure 420gp
Each player earned 140gp
Each player earned 506xp (including xp from treasure)

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