The Frontier: Welcome to Cedar Cross

Run by Greengoat using the Delving Deeper rule set (played 11/27/2015)

I have come to a small Dukedom called Cedar Crossing, named for a great cedar tree that fell in such a way that it perfectly spans the Meandering River. The great tree has since been modified into a proper bridge. I stumbled into the first Inn I could find: The Idle Baron. My first day of lounging in the comfortable dimness of the inns common room, I encountered a number of adventurer/wayfarer types, several from Avastine no doubt. A Halfling and a priest of Teravast hail from my country. A dwarven warrior and human barbarian both from the frozen north have fled the wrath of the frost drakes. The five of us are fleeing danger, yet seeking it at the same time- the duality of morals is interesting… After some small talk the group of us set out to seek local rumors. We heard of a structure or cave to the west the locals call the house of eyes. Apparently there have been dragon sightings. We heard the Duke might be a vampire because he always wears a large hat while outdoors (I find this laughable, although, I wonder if he is a wizard). The most interesting rumor of all is of the stone forest, far north of town. This is supposedly a site where ancient wizards did terrible things to the land, and also rumored to be home to medusae.

We traveled west to the house of eyes, encountering a wolf pack on the way. A well-placed sleep spell saved the entire party from injury. When we found the house of eyes, we waited at a distance for a few hours to survey the land. It was an ancient tower made of sandstone, perforated by many windows. It looks like a giant termite mound. In the early afternoon, a yellow dragon flew from the top of the tower, circled, and disappeared in the distance. We entered the tower, choosing to explore the upper levels before heading down. We encountered a lot of spider webs and some egg sacks. Irkeem the Halfling, slit one open with his knife when it began to move, hoping to free whatever was inside. A skeleton burst forth and charged me! It wrapped its jagged fingers around my throat lifting me off the floor as it tried to squeeze the life out of me. The room went black. My companions told me what happened next.

They did battle with a number of skeletons, eventually dispatching them. They continued up the tower. After moving through several more rooms my companions were ambushed by huge spiders. Several of my friends were poisoned but the spiders were defeated. They gathered up the treasure they had recovered. I came to at this time. The five of us limped out into the wilderness. Saladin went back to town alone to by antitoxin. Once my poisoned companions drank the medicine we managed to hike back to town.

That was much more exciting than the drudgery of an endless road!! I must see the dragons hoard. It’s likely the dragon has been here a while and may have accumulated some things that could be of great use to me. And if possible a conversation to learn about the land may prove much more useful than the rumors spread by the locals. I’ve never had a chance to speak draconic with an actual dragon.

—Dagmij the Green

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Dagmij the Green- Human wizard played by Tom
Zan- Human Cleric of Teravast played by Geoff
Irkeem- Halfling thief played by Sam
Saladin Skym- Human fighting man played by Andy
Emhyr Hammerclimber- Dwarven warrior played by Sean

Wolves x7 total xp for all kills = 1100xp
Skeletons x4
Spiders x4

Wooden strong box containing 3 diamonds worth 100gp each and 300 gp in coins
Silver pilgrim amulets x1200 worth 120gp total
Fancy plate armor with silver chasing worth 200gp claimed by Saladin
-minus 100gp for 1 vial of anti-toxin containing 3 doses, 2 of which were used
total treasure minus cost of antitoxin = 620gp
each player earned 124gp

each player earned 220xp for kills and 124xp for gold earned
for a total of 344xp per character

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