Due to the nature of this world, there are a variety of deities worshipped. Those most rarely prayed to belong to the Cosmic Pantheon. These are old beings that purportedly have believers on many worlds. The deities of the Eastern Pantheon are commonly venerated by the folks of Bastion. The Western Pantheon contains entities commonly worshipped in the fastness of Seaholme. There is some crossover between pantheons. In addition to the three Pantheons above, there are many local powers that have followings amongst particular races and cultural enclaves. While a few deities have specific gender, most have both male and female aspects. Some folks focus their worship on a single deity, while others venerate a few. Still others pay mind to nearly every one, respecting the proper power at the right time.


Common Deities of the Fastnesses

Kiri-Jolith, Knight of the Gods, Deity of Honor and War

This deity is known to not originate from this world. It is often depicted traveling upon his golden dragonship. It is worshipped and honored by all folk touched by war, battle, and the possibility of such events. Generals and strategists pray for insight and effectiveness. Knights and soldiers look to him for guidance in the principles of honorable combat. Citizens and village folk pray for the combatants to conduct themselves honorably and to keep innocents safe.
Clergy: Servants of the Swift Sword
Typical Alignment: LG
Suggested Domains: War

Pelor, Lightbringer, Deity of the Sun and Light

There is some disagreement as to the origin of this deity. It is often depicted as a strong man or woman of middle age standing tall holding a gnarled staff with a resplendent gold sphere at one end. It is revered for its gifts of light and clarity, for the gifts of the day, spring and summer. Every new day brings thanks to Pelor; every fire in a hearth, every person brought from unconsciousness to consciousness. For every person in a dark place seeking, there are those that think of Pelor.
Clergy: Order of Radiance
Typical Alignment: NG
Suggested Domains: Life, Light

Artemis, The Great Huntress, Goddess of the Hunt

In a past age, Artemis came upon this world and saw it for what it was—a garden world, teeming with life. While all stories of her concern her enchanted bow and pursuit of creatures and monsters deemed challenging for her skill, she is not a bloodthirsty and wasteful goddess. She is known to spare creatures of honor and intellect and slay those who would terrorize the lands of mortals. Athletes, those who hunt, and those who doggedly pursue their quarry pay mind to Artemis in hopes of a successful outing.
Clergy: The Golden Arrows
Typical Alignment: CG
Suggested Domains: Nature, Life

Anubis, The Jackal, Deity of the Dead

The jackal-headed god, Anubis, is not one that folk are eager to meet. The clergy of this god are respected as caretakers of the dead. They are the ones who typically oversee the preparation and storing of the dead. They see cremation and funeral pyres as an affront to their way of doing things, but The Fated Path is not an aggressive sect. Anubis is viewed as alien and apart, further establishing the deity as yet another deity that traveled here from another plane of existence. There are rumors of a secret group of assassins whose goal is to bring those who upset the balance of things into the embrace of the jackal-headed one.
Clergy: The Fated Path
Typical Alignment: LN
Suggested Domains: Death, Grave

Boccob, Loremaster, Deity of Magic

There is not much to say about Boccob. Venerated by scholars of the magical arts and by those who come about their skills by natural talent, he has no clerical presence to speak of. Occasionally, a thankful sorcerer will get a bit religious and establish a shrine in Boccob's name, but that is about as far as the worship goes. Most folk view him as a holder of knowledge, and endeavor to work with the laws and spells that govern his mystical energies.
Clergy: None
Typical Alignment: N
Suggested Domains: n/a

Keleni, The Traveler, Deity of Wandering and Freedom

Keleni is often represented as a cocksure vagabond, ready with a smile or an attempt to pick your pocket. Folks who pray to Keleni hope to placate the god enough to ensure a safe trip between Fastnesses. Highwaymen have the same idea, as they look to Keleni to help them grab the next fat purse that crosses their path. The clergy of this deity are helpful guides as often as they are sneaky thieves. In fact, there are many stories about guides who have left their rude patrons mid-trip without directions and a coin purse. Such playful thievery is said to delight the Traveler.
Clergy: The Wanderers
Typical Alignment: CN
Suggested Domains: Knowledge, Trickery

Hades, The Dark One, Deity of the Underworld

There is some antagonism between followers of Hades and those of Artemis and Set. The argument between Artemis and Hades is lost to the ages, but a keen sense of competition stokes the flames of Hades' disciples when it comes to Set. Set is all about the preparation for the journey of the afterlife, and Hades is all about collecting souls for his underworld kingdom. Hades devotees think nothing of sending a soul to the afterlife on a funeral pyre. The Dark Men have a reputation for being seemingly tortured, skulking creeps, but this may be thanks to rumors put out by rival orders. Those wishing to send a loved one, or a rival, on a swift trip to the underworld often pay tribute to Hades.
Clergy: The Dark Men
Typical Alignment: LE
Suggested Domains: Death, Trickery

Incabulos, The Locust Lord, Deity of Plague and Famine

Everyone knows that nature is a double-edged blade. One growing season is blessed with blooms and plenty, the next could be blight or crop-destroying beetles. Incabulos is the underside of that blade. Every farmer worth his salt sets aside a portion of their harvest for the priests and priestesses of the Yellow Scythe. While tanks aplenty goes to local nature deities for a bumper crop, a muttered thanks to Incabulous for sparing the farm this season is not unheard of. From time to time, there have been rumors of Yellow Robes meddling with and poisoning crops in order to increase their own yield.
Clergy: The Yellow Scythe
Typical Alignment: NE
Suggested Domains: Death, Nature

Loki, The Confuser of Ways, Deity of Misdirection and Trickery

It is known if Loki is a single deity or a confederation of dark trickster gods. Numerous cults to the Confuser of Ways have sprung up and caused trouble over the years. Most of these have been in the form of somewhat organized bands of highwaymen. They use various tricks to lure people away from the road, rob them blind, or worse. Some followers have made it their goals to bring ruin upon noble houses or persuade paladins and clerics to stray from the tenets of their faith. Whenever there are many moving parts to a situation, or the difference between success and failure is slim, Loki's name may be uttered in hope, or trepidation.
Clergy: Unknown
Typical Alignment: CE
Suggested Domains: Trickery

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