Rainland Territory Hall Of The Dead

Player Characters


Ashkar Degrooch- hired session 3 in Cedar Cross of The Rainland Territory. Died session 3. LV1? human fighting man from Olone' the mysterious country to the south of Avastine. Hired jointly by Saladin Skym and Erkeem. While exploring the lower levels of The House of Eyes, the party was attacked by skeletons. Ashkar had his trachea ripped out of his neck by one of them, dying painfully in a pool of his own life-blood. The only possessions he left behind were his battle axe, chainmail armor, and 35.5gp left over from his hiring fee. He was strong, he was brave, and we barely knew him. He was unceremoniously buried in a shallow grave outside of the old tower. (We should also note that absolutely no treasure was recovered by the party during this particular adventure, making his death, perhaps, even more shameful for all of us)


Red The Gnome first encountered session 2 in The House of Eyes. Died session 4. LV0 gnomish miner/warrior? Part of a 10 gnome prospecting/mining group that has set up base camp in the basement level of The House of Eyes. After opening a set of giant sized bronze temple doors a large ocher jelly surged forth. Our party ran back to base camp to regroup, gather flamables, and plan our assault. In a chaotic instant the little gnome was doused in flaming oil and absorbed into the jelly monster to be digested and suffocated simultaneously. I wish that end for no one. There was no body to bury. No words were said.

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