Portland Oldschool Lore


Being a list of places and regions of note.

The Borderlands
The Keep On the Borderland
The Caves Of Chaos
The Caves Of Mystery
Crane Clan Village

People & Beasts

Being a list of personas and creatures of note.

Jopher the Priest of Heironn
Amber the Curtate of The Lady Of The Wheat
Castellan of the Keep
Gerold the scribe of the outer bailey of The Keep
Barosh the banker of the Keep
Erol a trader of the Keep
Jake the scribe of the bank of the Keep
Harridus the Counter
Tolar The Valleyking


Being a list of happenings and occurances of note.


Being a list of artefacts and treasures of note.

The 6th Crane Wing Sword

The Divines & The Philosopies

Being a list of gods and beliefs of note.

Heironn - Diety of Law, Good, Light, and Order
The Lady Of The Wheat
The Doubters

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