Portland Oldschool Characters

Characters Created With Or Converted To ACKs

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Let us begin with a list of The Crimson Blades A-Team Members

Gildenbough(ACKs) the elven spellsword played by Gorff
Cord(ACKs) the human thief played by MewlingMoo
Kellin(ACKs) the human fighting man played by Shadowmancer
Kujira(ACKs) the dwarven warrior (vaultguard) played by Perfumed Dwarf
Harvestus(ACKs) the human cleric played by Greengoat
Artharil(ACKs) the halfling warrior played by Artharil
Juroth!Bah(ACKs) the lizardman played by Taladan
Tarsus(ACKs) the human thief played by Calamari The Great

B-Team members of The Crimson Blades

Dagmij(ACKs) the human wizard played by Shadowmancer
Neru The Large (ACKs) human wizard played by Calamari The Great
Dekkar Of The North (ACKs) human warrior played by Calamari The Great

Portland Oldschool Characters

Being a list of hearty adventurers and the people they have met.
(The master list of wealth and experience is located here.)

Greenleaf the Elf (Greensleeves)
Kujira the Dwarf
Guleesh the Fighting Man
Kellin the Fighting Man
Kiyoshi the Acolyte of the Wind Temple
Cord the Thief
Gildenbough the Elf
Tarsus LeBlanc the Thief

Denziens of the Keep On The Borderlands

Moved To Lore Section

Deceased (see The Crimson Blades Hall of Shame for a more complete list)

Yngvar priest of Heironn (pdxos 3) Slain by an ogre that was on fire first session out, played by Shadowmancer
Elmorth the Normal Man (pdxos 3)
Harold the Mercenary (pdxos 4)
Shamus the Mercenary (pdxos 4)
Gremo the Mercenary (pdxos 4)
Ino the Monk (pdxos 6) Slain by a ?, played by Gorff
Kazuo the Thief (pdxos 13) Slain by skeletons after an unfortunate slip, played by Gorff
Kiyoshi the adept of the Wind Temple (pdxos 16) Slain by an orc raider, played by Gorff.

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