The Kri Kajutar

The Crimson Blades have been hearing stories of a group of orcish bandits for some time now. Supposedly, they've taken to decapitating travelers and wearing the severed heads tied to their belts. The stories of their numbers vary. The blades have heard anything from a dozen to upwards of fifty of them. The Castellan recently sent out a group of 40 mounted men to search the southern road for them, but they completely evaded the troops. All that was found was several long abandoned camp sites, each with a pile of heads.

A bounty has been declared for them. 10Gp each for right ears of orcs. 1000GP for the head of their leader. Caravan attack survivors have described him as a head taller than the rest with spiral designs burned into the flesh of his face. He wields an axe and wears black plate armor. There is evidence that at least some of the orc bandits have mounts and can fight effectively from horseback.

Perhaps a smaller but more skilled group can draw them into an engagement?

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