The Unbound
Character: The Unbound
Race: Human
Cleric 1
Player: Geoff
Str 15
Dex 9
Con 12
Int 11
Wis 17
Cha 14
Max HP 9
Base to Hit 0
AC total 16
Trained Skills Diplomacy 3, Heal 4, Knowledge: Religion 2, Sense Motive 4, Spellcraft 2
Feats Channel Smite, Turn Undead
Weapons and Armor Warhammer, Scale, Hvy Steel Shield
Treasure 38 gp
Character Concept The Unbound used to have a name. Born into slavery, or sold into it at an early age, he does not know. He has no culture, no heritage. He only knows the salvation of the Bondsbreaker. An adept of this order freed him, shattered his chains. The Unbound was reborn into the world as a nameless agent of liberty and retribution. As he walks these shards, he is committed to the cause of freedom. His order may not imprison, enslave, or condone any such activity by inaction. He may meet many Unbounds in his travels, but as he makes his way through the many worlds, he will find his true name and ensure a place in the Society of the Bondsbreaker.
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