Dire Bats in The Oubliette?

May 30, year 517 MA (Morantia Ascention)

Session summary

detailed death scene of Lila please

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Guru Hargobind, Murder Master Haw-Kaw, Lila Dunwillow

Sky Shield NPC played by guest player: Drenn Oslo
Sky Shield NPC: Ango Bluefeather
Imperial Wizard: Zanzerholst (doing unknown things in the caverns below)
Lizardman Archer: Rastuss
Lizardman Spearman: Fosss

Dire Bat x 6 = 3600 XP
Total XP = 3600 XP

1 pouch containing 100 SP
1 pouch containing 2 finely cut dark green spinel gemstones worth 100 GP each

Long Bow and quiver with 15 arrows, 2 daggers, 1 short sword, 1 club, 2 scimitars, 1 large wooden shield, 2 spears, 1 glaive
flasks of water x3, 6 torches, 1 coil of hemp rope 50', 1 grappling hook, 1 large 10 lb crowbar, 5 iron spikes, 2 hammers

Magic Items Identified by Raw-Kaw

Dagger +2 recovered from slain lizardman laying on refuse pile below the funnel pit below the occulus (Green Goat, please enter description here), unclaimed

Bracelet of Dex +2 recovered from another dead lizardman in the same chamber. Made of silver shaped into uroboros- the serpent eating its own tail, unclaimed

Healing Potion 1d8+3 hp, clear blue liquid in glass vial stopped with cork and sealed in burgundy colored wax, unclaimed

514 XP to each PC
514 XP to each NPC

Identifying magic items: Casting detect magic and focusing on an item for three rounds allows a spellcraft skill roll (trained only) DC 15 + caster level of item. Between the multiple spell casters in the party this past session I am giving it to the group this time. The identify spell simply adds a +10 bonus to this spellcraft check. Scrolls can be identified a number of ways between read magic, detect magic, and spellcraft. Potions can be identified in a similar manner using a very small sample from the bottle/vial.

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