Oculus x 2 = Oculi

May 30, year 517 MA (Morantia Ascention)

Session summary

Back at the inn, I was holding down a raucous late-evening crowd with a few of my standbys. These folk do not tip well. At the end of my set, my fellow Shy Shielders walk, or should I say stumble, into the inn. The look much the worse for wear. I had a whole half-pint, so I was pretty hammered, but there was a lot about sand, skeletons, lizard men, and old temples.

Days later, we were ready to head out through the rift to the arid shard. Some of us thought it was the shard of Orsannon, but no one really has any information to back that up. We got orders from Sky Shield command to range three days from the rift opening and to initiate trade with friendly settlements. With us are some folks who will definitely reduce the treasure haul from whatever happens, but orders are orders. There was a green lizard man named Ango, who would serve as our translator. In addition, a venerable-looking wizard by the name of Zanzerholst accompanied us to ensure that the interests of the Silver Tower remain at the fore. There was some talk of pushing on to find a settlement and initiate trade, but we decided to plunder the temple instead.

In short time, we traversed the rift and ended up at the temple that welcomed our group so poorly last time. Zinjor and I sneaked up to the ambush point that the lizard folk used last time. This time, it is us who caught them unaware. Zinjor brutally, but silently took one out, while Hargobind impressively yelled at them from below. Somehow, no more blood is spilled. In fact, the lizard men, no doubt impressed with our lizard man friend and martial accomplishments, agree to delve deeper into this temple.

Did I mention the oculi? This temple has 'em. We really seem attracted to this architectural feature. The next room we entered had what was pretty much the mother of all oculus features. It looked even more like an arena than the previous area. When we fully entered the chamber, the statuary animated and sealed the entrance. After that, we were beset by a horde of skeletons, including one that looked like a huge gladitorial champion. More statues animated to seal off their entrance. The battle was hard fought. Many of us, including yours truly, fought on death's doorstep. Thanks to Master Raw-Kaw and his chill-inducing brand of avian healing magic, we all survived to see another day. One by one, the skeletons were destroyed. Hargobind was responsible for sending the especially monstrous skeleton to its final rest. Zanzie, our cowardly Imperial mage, magically fled at the first sign of danger.

I volunteered to be lowered down into the mysterious funnel pit in the center of the chamber, but we did not have enough rope to get me to the floor, which was littered with bones. When I looked up, I saw monstrous bats hanging from the ceiling. Needless to say, I asked to be raised up rather quickly. I did not wish to be the next set of bones in that pit.

Now, with two of the entrance points sealed, we have to find out way out.

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Lila Dunwillow, Guru Hargobind, Murder Master Haw-Kaw, Zinjor

Sky Shield NPC: Ango Bluefeather
Imperial Wizard: Zanzerholst (who fled and does not receive a share of experience or treasure)
Lizardman Archer: Rastuss
Lizardman Spearman: Fosss

Skeleton x8 = 1080 XP
Skeleton Champion x1 = 600 XP
Lizardman x1 = 400 XP
Total XP = 2080 XP

No coinage recovered
1 pouch containing 4 finely cut gemstones in trade for return of longbow to lizardman Rastuss, appraised by Zinjor:
2 dark green spinels, and 2 blue beryls, each worth 100 gp

Magic Items Identified by Raw-Kaw

Dagger +1 made from finely worked steel, recovered from slain lizardman, claimed by Zinjor

Scimitar +1 recovered from skeletal champion, claimed by Guru Hargobind

Heavy Steel Spiked Shield +1 AC/ +1 to hit and dmg for bashing, recovered from skeletal champion, unclaimed

297 XP to each PC
297 XP to each NPC Lizardman

Identifying magic items: Casting detect magic and focusing on an item for three rounds allows a spellcraft skill roll (trained only) DC 15 + caster level of item. Between the multiple spell casters in the party this past session I am giving it to the group this time. The identify spell simply adds a +10 bonus to this spellcraft check. Scrolls can be identified a number of ways between read magic, detect magic, and spellcraft. Potions can be identified in a similar manner using a very small sample from the bottle/vial.

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