Skyshielders VS Giant Scorpions, and Pyramids on The Horizon

May 28, year 517 MA (Morantia Ascention)

Session Summary by Guru Hargobind

A new call for aid came, this time far away from the forest where we handled the giant spiders. This time, a different giant arthropod would be our enemy. I thought I knew what I was getting into.

You see, over the past few weeks, we'd gotten used to a sort of routine.

  1. Find some weird looking, excessively violent critters.
  2. Engage large numbers of them in battle.
  3. Discover that some monstrous evil was compelling them to fight.
  4. Destroy evil.
  5. Repeat.

So, giant arthropods? But only two of them, one at a time? And not magically compelled by some unspeakable evil?

Doesn't sound too bad. I'll try and stay awake.

But I hadn't fought one creature for so long. I'd been specialized in groups. You use different moves when you're fighting half a dozen creatures, than when you only have to be worried about one. And not long into the battle, I was rendered unconscious.

I woke again after the battle was over with a mouthful of crow sputum and a massive headache. My companions informed me that the scorpion had used its giant pinchers to hold me firmly in place while it rained blows upon me. It was certainly closer to death than I've ever come.

The scorpions entered this world through a portal, which we looked through and saw a vast desert, vaster than I've ever seen. We're going in there, and I won't underestimate its danger again.

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Guru Hargobind, Murder Master Raw-Kaw, Izek Halforkin, Lila Dunwillow

Giant Scorpion x2 = 1600 XP

Total XP = 4000 XP

Copper Ring recovered from the chitinous plating of one of the giant scorpion, material value 4 cp, claimed by Guru Hargobind

400 XP to each PC

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