Call of The Spider-Horn

May 25, year 517 MA (Morantia Ascention)

Guru Hargobind's quickie session summary

The ettercaps apparently weren't done with us, and lo, we were not done with them.

Trudging back into the forest near the spot where we first encountered the ettercap we resolved to finish the job and end their scourge once and for all. Using the lessons we learned the last time we met them, we carefully chose our point of attack and drew them into a space that would better suit us in battle. If they intended to attack us, they would need to put themselves in the line of our fire.

Though the enemy outnumbered us, our tactics proved superior as we dispatched them with scant injuries to our side. Any day I can avoid a mouthful of regurgitated crowfodder, appreciated though it certainly always is, is a good day.

But it was perhaps too good a day; my resulting overconfidence would nearly bring about my demise only days later.

(Title in reference to session background music by LustMord selected by DJ GreenGoat. LustMord can be classified as dark-ambient-industrial music.)

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Guru Hargobind, Murder Master Raw-Kaw, Izek Halforkin
NPC: Selva Bloodleaf, Drenn

Giant Spiders x8 = 3200 XP

Ettercap x1 = 800 XP

Total XP = 4000 XP

Bounty for clearing the Gray Woods mill of the ettercap threat: 1000 gp
Coins from searching the dried husks around the ettercap nests: 1130.77 gp in total value
daggers x 8, short swords x 8, hand axe x1 half plate armor x1, large steel shield x1,
masterwork longsword claimed by Izek
masterwork short sword claimed by Selva
woodsman's axe x4, various types of saws x6, 50' coil of hemp rope x2 (left for mill workers and woodsmen)
copper rings x8 worth 40cp, silver rings x11 worth 55 sp
silver ring with opaque blue stone worth 80 gp
gold ring with opaque green stone worth 120 gp

Rounded Ivory Ring- with no markings (Magical, faint abjuration) identified by Murder Master Raw-Kaw to be a Guardian Ring, +1 magical bonus to all three
saving throw types- currently claimed by no one

Elven Long Bow +1 returned to Gavin the Ranger as per arrangement with Captain Darius

Quiver of 15 +1 arrows finely made leather quiver, arrow points of translucent green crystal that have been flint napped into points, shafts of pale white wood,
fletching of exotic red-orange feathers. Identified by Raw-Kaw. Claimed by Selva Bloodleaf.

Total GP of Coins, Bounty, and Non Magical Rings = 2336.67 GP

Each Player Character and NPC Share = 467.33 GP

800 XP to each PC
800 XP to each NPC

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