What in The Seven Hells is an Ettercap?

May 17, year 517 MA (Morantia Ascention)

Like any good tale, the protagonists always have a spell of good fortune. Well, we are all alive, but many of us are worse for the wear.

After we had acquitted ourselves against the goblins, it felt like the Sky Shield name meant more amongst those in the caravan, the Sky Shield members included! The caravan kept plodding along until we arrived in the next town, some non-descript hamlet. Its problems, however, were quite unique. It seemed that there wood mill and logging operation had been overrun by spiders. Huge spiders. To top it off, these spiders seemed to have unity of purpose and leadership. Our fearless leader had notified us that we had been contracted to eradicate and/or (but mostly and) discover the nature of this problem.

The trek to the overrun mill was eerie, to say the least. When you hear a song of horror and suspense, ad you feel that unsettling tickle down your spine as the tension builds, well that is what we felt as we progressed further into the wood. At first, we saw scattered populations of spiders and a scant handful of larger specimens, perhaps about the size of my hand. But the webs grew more dense, and larger as we hiked in. We came upon the mill, and it was a chilling sight. A pulsating egg sac hung in the lumber shed, and vast networks of webbing criss-crossed the forest canopy around the mill site. Still, no genius behemoth spiders were to be found.

I, Lila Dunwillow, thought that a threat to the arachnid's young might draw them out. I lit a torch and set the egg sac aflame. It brought out several of the beasties. They spiders were tough critters, but we put them down, one by one. I suffered a nasty bite on my leg, and it left my limbs weakened. I feel a bit stronger now, but I not feeling like myself yet. We inspected the mill, only to find the dessicated bodies of several woodsmen, but no more of the creature that we were sent to dispatch.

Raw-Kaw (or Haw-Kaw, or whatever) soon received word from his crow companion (relation?) that there was some kind of spider nest further in, past the mill. We trekked in, and found a spider haven that put the mill site to shame. Pulsating cocoons of webbing, egg sacs, and monstrous webs were everywhere. Selva crept in toward the smaller of the two nests, no doubt aided by the stealthy boots we found in the goblin den. She successfully set the nest cocoon-thing ablaze when the forest erupted in arachnoid activity. Several spiders attacked us from above, and a man-spider thing dropped out of its nest and fell upon Selve almost instantly. Raw-Kaw and I supported out doughty fighters with song, spell, and steel. As Selva was savaged and poisoned by the man-spider, the Guru seemed intent on destroying it himself. Selva and Guru traded foes. A spider at a time, we reduced the number of our enemies. The Guru got a nasty bite, but continued his assault against the spidery thing nonetheless. Selva was drained terribly by the spider being's bite. At last, the Guru killed the thing, what we now know to be an ettercap. Battered and weakened, but victorious, we retreated, but now we know our enemy and will return in strength.

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Guru Hargobind, Murder Master Raw-Kaw, Lila Dunwillow,
NPC: Selva Bloodleaf (played by guest player)

Giant Spiders x7 = 2800 XP

Ettercap x1 = 800 XP

Total XP = 3600 XP

copper ring found on corps of desiccated woodcutter worth 5 cp, claimed by Guru Hargobind

900 XP to each PC
900 XP to each NPC

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