Purging Goblin Holes, "They're Eating People!"

May 11, year 517 MA (Morantia Ascention)

Session summary, as retold by Guru Hargobind

After fighting off one fool-hardy goblin raid after another, my companions were convinced that a raid on their home — an underground network of tunnels underneath a hill near our caravan's camp — was the proper course of action to prevent further attacks on innocents. My initial objections to a wanton slaughter tiny melon-headed creatures gave way to agreement, as I too had cause to suspect that some hidden evil compelled their murderous drive.

A plan was hence hatched: using freshly cut tree branches and lamp oil, the group attempted to drive the goblins towards the exits, which were both covered, at the back end by two of our smaller companions, my fellow elf Zinjor and Lila the fair halfling lady bard; and at the front end by the main part of the group. Though outnumbered, the pair attacking the rear found quick success, dispatching three goblins with only a lump on Zinjor's head for their trouble.

The group at the front entrance found similar success, though not without an initial scare that left the tiny but bold halfling Olefix nearly caught by himself in the presence of five unhappy goblins. A sleep spell and a strong arm made for a quick turn of fortune in our favor.

Our party regrouped in a central room where another mass of goblins lay in wait with murderous intent, and again, thanks to Olefix's ferocity and Izek's killer javelin, the good guys emerged victorious. Though we managed to negotiate the surrender of several defenders along with a number of women and children, my heart wept for the handful of goblin children who met their unfortunate end. What unspeakable evil would use such innocent lives as a shield against those of us who fight for good? We found out soon enough.

Descending deeper into the dungeon we found ample evidence of such evil, in the form of clean human remains, stacks of neatly folded clothing and shoes, and the vacant stare of a woman chained to the wall of a hideous torture chamber. Lila detected the presence of powerful magic, while I sensed an evil that exceeded anything I had known.

An illusory vision of a throne and untold riches belied the presence of a goblin wizard and four defenders, a vision which initially fooled poor Olefix as he rushed forth to claim his prize. Instead he found arrows, seemingly flung at him from the wall itself.

Eventually the illusion was unobscured, Lila sang a song of encouragement, and I summoned the good spirits to aid in the smiting of this evil. But the wizard had a plan for me as well, using a magic missile spell to render me unconscious. The rest of the group found a run of similar misfortune and for a moment all seemed lost. But with the disgusting but welcome aid of Murder Master Haw-Kaw, I regained my strength and consciousness and once again loosed an arrow at the fleeing wizard, destroying the evil once and for all.

Also, Izek threw a goblin over his shoulder into a spiky hole in the floor.

All party members survived the encounter, even the brave, brave Olefix.

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Lila Dunwillow, Guru Hargobind, Murder Master Haw-Kaw, Zinjor, Izek Smithson, Olefix

Goblin Stalkers x19 = 2565 XP
Goblin Wizard LV3 = 600 XP
Poisonous Frogs x3 = 600 XP
Liberated Human Captive x1 = 100 XP
Total XP = 3865 XP

chest containing 20 sq yards of silk worth 200gp claimed by Guru Hargobind for personal use

Magic Items

Wizard Scroll containing 2 castings of magic missile scribed at caster level 3, claimed by Lila Dunwillow

Potion of healing 1 dose at 1d8+3hp, clear glass vial containing clear pale blue liquid, claimed by Zinjor

Ring of Protection +1 (+1 deflection bonus to AC) solid gold ring wrought to look like intertwining vines with leaves across the top, looks elvish in style, claimed
by Murder Master Haw-Caw

Dagger +1 (+1 magical enhancement bonus on to hit rolls and damage rolls), Solid gold hilt with minimal cross guard wrought in matching style to the ring with a
10 inch slightly curving silver (very shiny, almost white) blade, also claimed by Murder Master Haw-Caw

Boots of Minor Stealth (+5 magical enhancement bonus to all stealth skill checks while boots are worn), black boots of finely made leather with thin and flexible
yet supportive soles, made for medium sized persons of any of the standard races, the boots conform to the shape and size variations of
each wearer. Currently in the possession of Lila Dunwillow, not yet claimed by anyone.

coins scattered about the goblin living spaces total value = 50gp

coins in treasure chest in wizards hord = 50pp, 400gp, 200sp, 1000cp

Items sold to caravan master Houtolf for a fair price:

small pouch containing 4 small cut citrine gems (pale yellow quarts) worth a total of 200gp
10 sets of fine dining (8 piece: 3 spoons, 3 forks, 2 knives) silver ware worth 50gp each or total of 500 gp
box containing 10 pounds of sea salt = 50gp
chest containing 20 bottles of rare dry spices worth total of 150 gp
1 5 gallon cask of 90 year old elvish fire berry wine worth 800gp

Items given over to the caravan master Houtolf for everyone to share in the glory of Sky Shield:

2 barrels of salted fish
2 barrels of salted pork
6 barrels of dried grain
2 20 gallon barrels of beer
2 5 gallon flasks of ale
4 5 gallon flasks of wine

Total Treasure = 2430 gp

405 gp, to each PC
644 XP to each PC
100 XP bonus to Guru for the session summary

Other Notes:

Spell Craft Skill- allows for the identification of spells as they are being cast. This skill only works for the general type of magic a character is trained in, either arcane or divine. A paladin, cleric, or druid could identify divine spells but not arcane. Wizards, Sorcerers, Witches, and Bards can identify arcane spells but not Divine.

Identifying magic items: Casting detect magic and focusing on an item for three rounds allows a spellcraft skill roll (trained only) DC 15 + caster level of item. Between the multiple spell casters in the party this past session I am giving it to the group this time. The identify spell simply adds a +10 bonus to this spellcraft check. Scrolls can be identified a number of ways between read magic, detect magic, and spellcraft. Potions can be identified in a similar manner using a very small sample from the bottle/vial.

Casting From Scrolls.

The bard does not have the magic missile spell in his class list. However the bard does have the skill Use Magic Device as a trained skill. This allows the bard to make a skill check DC 20 + caster LV 3 to use the scroll anyways. This assumes the Bard has already read the scroll through using the read magic spell or a successful Spellcraft skill check ahead of time. Also there is a chance that the bard can have a scroll use mishap because she is lower level than the caster level of the scroll. In addition to making her Use Magic Device check, she also needs to make a caster level check to see if she properly reads the scroll. 1d20+LV1Bard against DC Caster LV3+1. So two checks for the bard to use the higher caster level scroll made by a different character class.

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