Session 2: The Night Shift, Part II

May 11, year 517 MA (Morantia Ascention)

While the four Sky Shielders were battling goblins in the woods (previous session) there was a simultaneous attack on the caravan. Darius Hightower was strutting around in his plate boots, plate gloves, great helm, and small clothes while resting his bloodied great sword over his bare shoulder and shouting orders. One of the brothers, Drenn or Glenn was hobbling about with an arrow in his foot. The lizard-man Ango was half hidden behind a bush chomping loudly on goblin guts. There were a dozen goblin dead scattered about. None of the caravan people were killed during the attack. When things settled down, Darius ordered the night shift back on guard duty while the camp went back to sleep.

Late in the night, Guru Hardobind spotted a goblin from horseback while doing his rounds. The rest of the group was nearby and joined the fray in short order. Guru did some terrible damage dual wielding his scimitars from horseback. A few of the others had some successes as well. The barbarian woman Amiri took many arrows but in trade slew two goblins herself. Murder Master Haw-Kaw fell from a tree while attempting to cast a spell. He took several hard hits from tree branches before slamming onto the ground and nearly dying. Zinjor the elf thief was out stealthed by a gobllin, the two traded several blows before she won.

At the end of the fight, Guru Hargobind found the entrance, or maybe exit, of a goblin cave. The group went back to the camp to report. Captain Darius gave Guru a scroll with which he cast healing magic, bringing the tengu back from the brink of death. He left it up to the group whether or not they wanted to explore the cave. The caravan was breaking camp and moving on with daybreak. In another day or two they will be beyond the reach of this goblin tribe. The group decided to explore.

Searching the surrounding terrain by light of day revealed a hollowed out tree-chimney, and a larger "front entrance" to the strong hold. A young halfling warrior volunteered to go down the exit hole first. The tengu cast a light spell on the fir of his right foot. The warrior snuck down a narrow hallway to a much larger room fortified for defense. One glance showed him a palaside of sharpened logs and three goblin warriors scrambling to ready spears and bows. The halfling ran for safety.

Will the young members of Sky Shield continue the assault? Is the potential treasures hidden within worth the risk?

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Amiri, Guru Hargobind, Murder Master Haw-Kaw,
Zinjor, Perfumed Dwarf character

Goblin Stalkers x7 = 945 XP

Total XP = 945 XP

goblin coins = 8 cp
goblin equipment = small crude short swords x5, small crude scimitars x2, small crude daggers x7, small crude short bows x6, quiver of crude goblin arrows x6
(none of which has any trading or selling value)

Total Treasure = 2 sp, 15 cp

7 cp to each PC
189 XP to each PC

DM Shadowmancer awards himself another 100 experience points and another gold star for writing the session summary
Yes, DM Shadowmancer now has two Gold Stars on his forehead!

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