Session 1: Goblin Arrows In The Dark

May 10, year 517 MA (Morantia Ascention)

A rag-tag band of adventurers, rallied under an almost forgotten banner, travel south on the silver highway towards the border region between the Midlands and Skiggan. Darius Hightower, a middle aged nobleman, far down the line for inheritance, has spent much of his life collecting artifacts and lore around the historic Sky Shield mercenary company in the hopes of one day restoring it. He has named himself Commander, and claims to have secured a number of documents that make him legal owner of several strongholds held by Sky Shield in generations past.

Sky Shield has accepted a contract from the Onyx Merchant company to escort a caravan on its yearly southern run. The past few days, what seems to be a small band of goblins has been harassing the caravan. Late on the third night, several of the new affiliates of Sky Shield set out into the surrounding forest to lure some of them out. And that they did. The mysterious tengu witch Murder Master Haw-Kaw used his dancing light magic to lure them into a small clearing. Four goblins approached the clearing stealthily, foiling the ambush. A quick fight ensued, friends and foes mixed in a sprawling brawl in the brush. It was over quickly. There were four dead goblins, and four victorious Sky Shielders.

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Lila Dunwillow, Guru Hargobind, Murder Master Haw-Kaw,
NPC Sky Shield member: Selva

Goblin Stalkers x4 = 540 XP

Total XP = 540 XP

goblin coins = 8 cp
goblin equipment = small crude short swords x4, small crude daggers x4, small crude short bows x4, quiver of crude goblin arrows x4
(none of which has any trading or selling value)

Total Treasure = 8 cp

2 cp to each PC
2 cp to each NPC
135 XP to each PC
135 XP to each NPC.

DM Shadowmancer awards himself 100 bonus experience points and a gold star for writing the session summary

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