Session 35: The Crimson Blades VS... A Crimson Blade

Oldschool Session 35 was played on Thursday, January 23, 2014 using ACKS, run by DM Greengoat


We are unsure if we are proper outlaws as of yet, but there is certainly no question that we are unwanted at the keep. We've been living in the rough for two weeks now, camping out in the dryads grove north of the keep. I've been out of strong drink for two weeks, I've been without a woman for twice that. The dryad is fine enough to look upon but she is completely oblivious to her obvious attraction to me. Oh well. Who wants to lie with a half-tree anyways.

The Crimson Blades are in rough shape. My brothers in arms are fatigued, some have accumulating serious injuries, others have it even worse. No one has seen Juroth!Bah in a day or two. Only Artharill and myself were fit enough to venture back to The Caves of Chaos. We set out with the intent to delve into the gnoll-hole since we slew most or all of their warriors during our last foray to the horseshoe canyon. Their den seemed an easy mark and we could use more wealth and supplies. When our cross country trek brought us to the top of the canyon, we spotted Juroth!Bah's pale reptilian form darting across the canyon and disappearing into the temple of the blood god (formerly referred to as the hall of the dead). We had no choice but to follow.

Artharil and I quickly found him in the throne room where we had previously fought with hasted skeletons. Juoth!Bah had arranged a small assortment of bronze alter-pieces on the throne and was acting very peculiar. I identified these objects as the ones from the alter-room that I thought we left behind, I guess he had taken them. We tried talking to him but he was very distracted. He seemed obsessed with the objects, he was lick-polishing them over and over and was very concerned about their safety. He was enthralled. Artharill and I concluded this was a very bad thing. This must have been some kind of curse. For the moment we figured he was safe, so we stood guard out in the nearest hall for a while. Torchlight slowly came down the hall. Artharill and I hid in the far corner from Juroth!Bah. Two men came into the room and questioned him. They identified themselves as the bodymen of Arlest the Merchant. They mentioned being summoned by Mekelor the high priest. These men were blood cultists, or soon would be. They said they were going to get the rest of there group and decide what to do with the lizard-man. As they were leaving Artharill and I rushed them and slew them in an efficient manner. We laid them out in the middle of the room and waited for more to come. Another pair eventually came. The bodies distracted them making it easy for the halfling and myself to slay them as well. Now four bodies lay out, Juroth!Bah completely oblivious. I felt a little bad using him as bait but with only two of us of sound mind, it was unlikely we could meet our enemies head on. Eventually a much larger group came. Six more men at arms, two blood priests, and a fat merchant. The bodies and the lizard man distracted them enough for Artharil and I to attack the nearest ones. A blood priest cast a spell, I have no idea what it did. Juroth!Bah ran out of the room in terror, juggling the alter-pieces. The three of us made it out of the room, the situation briefly confusing our enemies. The tunnel narrowed down towards the exit making it an optimal position for Artharil and myself to make a final stand. In a battle that seemed to stretch on forever, the two of us slew them to the man fighting shoulder to shoulder. I was unscathed, Artharil was moderately wounded.

Juroth!Bah eventually returned. Despite our best attempts at persuasion, he walked back to the throne room and began arranging the objects again. I could think of no other solution. Artharill and I attacked our lizard friend with the intent of knocking him out. This proved to be very difficult. With a single spear thrust, Juroth!Bah dropped Artharill. I had had enough. No more pulling punches. Several slashes bounced uselessly off his scaly hide before I buried my blade deep. He dropped to the floor bleeding and unconscious. I gathered up the gear of my two fallen brothers and drug them all the way back to camp. Neither fared well but both were still alive. I had to confiscate Juroth!Bahs weapons and gear. I tied him to a tree in such a fashion that he could not chew or claw his way out. Now we must stand guard. Artharill fared much worse. He is now paralyzed from the neck down. I offered him death, he chose not to take it.

The Crimson Blades must abandon our current quest and journey to a temple with powerful healing available. Artharill's neck and spine must be restored. Several others have hip and back injuries. I fear Gildenbough the elf is enthralled by his magic sword just as Juroth!Bah is enthralled by the blood gods alter-pieces. The sword also seems to be doing the elf harm. I have seen several injuries appear on his body from seemingly nowhere. I fear it is unlikely that distance alone will cure Juroth!Bah. His curse must be purged with powerful prayer.

The Crimson Blades must decide on a destination and get there, for summer is nearly at an end. With so few of us fit for battle, we won't last another winter as we are. We were so close to cleansing the caves of chaos I could taste it! Is this the beginning of the end of The Crimson Blades? Are we to wither and fade before we attain true glory?

-Kellin Greyfield

Session Totals

//Expedition Roster:
Principles: Gildenbough, Artharill, and Jeroth!Bah

10 grey cloaked cult swordsmen = 200 XP
2 cult acolytes = 58 XP
1 fat merchant = 50 XP
1 intransigent albino lizardman comrade = 50 XP

Total Encounter XP = 458 XP

merchant's gold medallion with blood drop sigil on reverse = 100gp

Not Sold:

**Total Treasure = 100gp **

Total Expedition XP = 658 XP

219 XP to each PC
** - XP to each Hireling
33gp, 3sp, 3cp to each PC.
- to each Hireling**

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