Homeless, but not Treeless

Oldschool Session 34 was played on Thursday, Jan 16th, 2014 using ACKS

The Crimson Blades have found themselves adrift in the untamed sea that is the northern wilderness. The Keep, no longer viable as a base of operations, has been exchanged for a lonely clearing of a dryad the Crimson Blades once aided. Feeling spurned by the powers that be at the keep, the Blades have elected to chart a path of heroism. The Caves of Chaos will fall. The party listened to a plan that had been brewing in Gildenbough's waybread-addled brain for some time. For the time being, the Crimson Blades will systematically hunt down the agents of chaos in these northern marchlands, and will accept no kudos or support from the keep's denizens.

Their first mission was to clear out the last known inhabitants of the Caves of Chaos before those white-clad interlopers make any kind of name for themselves. This was easier said than done. The place was lousy with gnolls and priests of the blood god. The Blades decided to attack the group of gnolls guarding the entrance to the cave of the blood god cultists. They fought fiercely for a minute but waved the white flag before any real damage was done. The noble Blades would have none of it. A creature of chaos is a creature of chaos, after all. It took some time, but the party dealt death to the gnolls upon their very own doorstep, stopping only to parley halfheartedly and to be interrupted by a musically challenged red priest. The gnoll leader told the Blades that quaking hornsmanship of the priest heralded the coming of a great beast. Naturally, the Blades gave proper thanks by sending the gnoll to a quick and relatively pain-free exit from this mortal plane of existence.

The beast was none other than a fierce and gibbering owlbear. As fierce as it was without intellect, the ursine-avian hybrid came to fight and kill. The Crimson Blades dispatched it, though it dragged Artharill to death's very doorstep. The halfling was revived, and the Blades spent the remainder of the outing exploring the beast's nest-den. For such a fierce creature, surprisingly little was gained.

Session Totals

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Tarsus, Regor, Kujira, Gildenbough, Artharill, and Kellin
Hirelings: Oziander, Surazal (each contracted at monthly rate by lv, room and board, 1/2 share xp, 1/4 share GP)

1 evil acolyte trumpeteer = 29 XP
1 gnoll chieftain = 50 XP
2 gnoll alphas = 70 XP
4 gnoll females = 60 XP
1 owlbear = 200 XP
1 grey ooze = 50 XP

Total Encounter XP = 459 XP

gnoll chieftain's 2 silver armbands = 100gp
gnoll female's silver chains = 120gp
coins on gnolls = 77gp
gold chains on Jopher's acolytes = 200gp
jewel encrusted goblet in ooze water = 1300gp

Not Sold:
bone tube containing scroll from owlbear den

Total Treasure = 1797 GP

Total Expedition XP = 2256 XP

322 XP to each PC
161 XP to each Hireling
276gp, 4sp, 6cp to each PC.
69gp, 1sp, 1cp to each Hireling

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