Pdxos 32: Ogre Punch and The Cavern Beneath The Tower of Hob

Oldschool Session 32 was played on Thursday, December 26, 2013 using ACKS


I found myself, like often is the case, sitting at a table in our lovely inn, bringing mug after mug of foamy, frothy, delicious, goodness to my lips in honor of the Lady of the Wheat. Kujira, Harvestus, and I were discussing where best to head for next. It was decided and agreed upon that we would finish what we started and complete the consecration of the dark altar that we’d found. Harvestus was given some sort of scroll by his priestess and we headed out with our new followers who we expected to earn their pay.

We didn’t get too far towards the tower before a familiar buzzing alerted us to the nearby presence of stirges. Before we could attack the flying pests two giant frogs, at least as large around as a table in the inn, attacked the stirges and us. We gave them our all, croaking toad noises, slopping tongues, screams of pain from the injured, buzzing, and dying, blood and intestines everywhere. When all our foes were fallen and we had a minute to catch our breath we looked over and saw poor Oziander hanging limply in the maw of a giant frog. His arm was pulled down the gullet of the thing and half his head was in the mouth. We pulled him free and Harvestus tended to his wounds. Oziander seemed no worse for the wear, he said his hips hurt him something fierce but that he could walk. Between Prux’s shaking at his close call with death and Oziander’s almost death we decided to head back to the keep to regroup.

Having rested I led the Blades once more to the tower of hob…by this time I think they could’ve made it there without my guidance but that isn’t really the point. We waited in the tree line and watched and listened but heard no movement. Being comfortable with our surroundings we all advanced openly on the door of the ruined keep. Once there I poked my head around the corner and was almost killed by a giant rock flying down the hallway. I saw a massive figure stomping towards us and quickly we began retreating towards open ground, all the while loosing volleys of every arrow, bolt, and javelin that we had available. We struck home a few times, hearing grunts of pain, but nothing that seemed to slow the inevitable. I was about to yell for a general retreat when a massive, yellow furred, ogre lumbered out from the tower claiming the tower as his home. It took one swing at poor Oziander which sent him flying. I feared the worst for my lazy henchman, for his chest seemed caved in. Kujira showed impeccable bravery, charging the giant beast alongside Harvestus and Surazel. While they occupied him and dodged giant swings of his fists I managed to sneak behind him and deliver a killing blow to its stinking spine through his filthy loincloth.

Once more Harvestus healed our intrepid punching bag who seemed, surprisingly enough, no worse for the wear. We sat him down to guard the entrance of the keep from the safety of the murder holes and proceeded down the stairs. I can’t say I was particularly surprised to encounter the same four hobgoblins we had previously slain in this very spot. Some foul magic was clearly still afoot. We made short work of them and proceeded to let the cleric do invoke his deity all over the disgusting black altar. Gore and blood still hung heavy and thick in the air but something felt better about the room after he was done…a lightness had settled in.

Making our way down to the wells we started doing some experimenting with some meat we’d found and a lantern. Kujira lowered a big chunk down while the well shaft was illuminated by Harvestus. After a moment a great swell in the water rose from below us to engulf the haunch of pig we’d lowered down. The force which pulled the pig below and snapped the rope we’d used was intimidating. All we heard was a large splash and rustling around. We tried spiking another chunk of meat/ogre flesh with caltrops and repeating the experiment but the creature below us didn’t seem to mind, swallowing our second offering with no issue. We lowered ourselves down the hidden ladder I opened last time we were here and found ourselves on a narrow beach surrounded by the signs of mining.

A giant cave filled with water spread out as far as the eye could see. Given our previous experiences with what was in the water we all stayed as far from the edge as we could. An odd veiny metal streaked the walls. We ventured up a short path leading into the island where Kujira took a small chunk of rock to try and identify the silvery looking metal later. After the noise he made we were set upon from two directions by two hazy creatures that seemed to be made up solely of darkness and shadow. Being deep underground with spotty lights, surrounded by shadows was a deeply disturbing problem. Kujira found that his magic shield was able to bash and damage the shadows while Harvestus killed the rest with his flail.
As a group we took this moment as a sign to return to the keep and plan for another, more in depth, operation to see what else is down below the tower of hob.

Outing 1: Skirmish in The Forest of Fun VS Giant Toads VS Stirge!!!

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Tarsus the human thief, Kujira the dwarven warrior, and Harvestus the human cleric

Hirelings: Prux, Oziander, Surazal (each contracted at monthly rate by lv, room and board, 1/2 share xp, 1/4 share GP)

Toad, Giant x2 = 94xp
Stirge x5 = 65xp

Total Encounter XP = 159 XP

Total Treasure = 0

Total Expedition XP = 159XP

35 XP to each PC
18 XP to each Hireling

Outing 2: "This My House Now!" And The Dark Caverns Below

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Tarsus the human thief, Kujira the dwarven warrior, and Harvestus the human cleric

Hirelings: Prux, Oziander, Surazal (each contracted at monthly rate by lv, room and board, 1/2 share xp, 1/4 share GP)

Ogre x1 = 140xp
Zombie x4 = 116xp
Shadows x3 = 177xp
Using Bless Scroll on Dark Alter = 100xp

Total Encounter XP = 533 XP

Total Treasure = 420 GP Loot included: ogre sack containing 400GP worth of mixed coinage, silver bracelet worth 10GP, mining sample smelted produced 10gp worth of nearly pure platinum

Total Expedition XP = 953 XP

212 XP to each PC
106 XP to each Hireling
112 GP to each PC.
28 GP to each Hireling

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