Pdxos 30: Return to The Tower of Hob: stirges, and spiders, and hobs, oh my!

Oldschool Session 30 was played on Thursday, December 12, 2013 using ACKS


Once more our brave ?heroes? set forth to dismantle the evil that is the Tower of Hob. We took a different route since we ended up in the middle of the forest of the living dead last time we went out and didn't want to repeat the experience just yet. In doing so we stumbled across a patrol of the filthy yellow furred Hobs. The bastards seemed to have thief seeking arrows, injuring Cord and almost putting Tarsus down with the first two volleys. Luckily our whole group was able to take cover, return fire, and close with the enemy, destroying the patrol thanks to the valiant effort of our dwarf and lizard man Master Blaster combo. Clearly Harvestus was without sin, for he cast many a stinging stone. While attempting to flank the enemy and take up firing positions our intrepid thieves stumbled across a Stirge nest (who knew they nested?) and a number of giant spiders. It was taken as a clear sign that the Crimson Blades were not meant to assault any tower. Returning to the keep, we licked our wounds and prepared for our re-re-attack.

After healing up with Harvestus' blessings we sallied forth to attempt the tower. This time we reached it without incident but as soon as we arrived saw that work had been done in the month since we were last there: walls were repaired, more forest cleared, and extra sentries stood guard on top. After making a full loop it seemed as if there were only the two watchers. Cord and Tarsus moved quickly and quietly forward to scale the walls of the tower and gain the top. While on the walls our companions let loose a mighty rain of arrows and stones which felled one sentry. Cord and Tarsus both got the drop on the second, preparing to take the hobgoblin down while he was unaware and surprised by the death of his fellow dog eater. Alas, it didn't work out quite as we had planned. Tarsus stumbled on the loose rock while attacking and dropped Raging Bull down a ladder to the room below. Meanwhile Cord was forced to defend the ladder, killing a number of reinforcements while they climbed. Tarsus fought bravely, but virtually ineffectively, against the hob, eventually succumbing to his blows. By then Cord was able to take control and slay the hob-a-goblin allowing him to render aid to the mortally wounded Tarsus.

Kujira and Jeroth!Bah ran charging across the field while the sentries attention was held above. They made an odd pair, holding hands, while throwing their weight against the fire damaged door which quickly crumbled. The party was able to reunite in the kitchen below the ladder after Cord was able to nurse Tarsus back to life with nothing to aid him except his quick wits and the luck of the gods. Not able to fight the revived thief was able to translate and threaten the remaining hob women and children out of a few measly coins. During the interrogation we learned that there was a deep series of lower levels to the tower which is where their sacrificial alter to their dark god is kept. The abomination of a priest that goes along with the altars happened to be out in the woods so we avoided him this time, which was lucky for him! We knew time was not on our side so we once more, again, repeated what seems to be a familiar refrain, and retreated back to the keep to plan for our return to the return of our return to cleanse the tower. At the suggestion of Harvestus we did take time to burn all the doors and shutters and ladders we could find in order to make our next assault easier.

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition 1: Happy Fun in The Forest: a random encounter

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Cord the thief, Tarsus the thief, Juroth!Bah the lizard man, Kujira the dwarf, and Harvestus the human cleric

Hobgoblins x8 = 120 xp
Giant Spider x3 = 114 xp
Stirge x3 = 39 xp

Total Encounter = 273 XP

Total treasure = 8 GP in assorted coin

Total Expedition XP = 281 XP

56 XP to each PC

1.6 GP to each PC.

Expedition 2: Return to The Tower of Hob

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Cord the thief, Tarsus the thief, Juroth!Bah the lizard man, Kujira the dwarf, and Harvestus the human cleric

Hobgoblins x8 = 120 XP
Hob female non combatants subdued x5 = 40 XP
Hob child non combatants subdued x10 = 20 XP

Total Encounter = 180 XP

Total Treasure = 473. 5GP (10GP in assorted coin, 7 ears for 14GP, Cask of Elven wine worth 400GP, and 49.5GP worth of captured weapons and armor)

Total Expedition XP = 654 XP

131 XP to each PC

94.7 GP to each PC

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