Session 29: Off The Beaten Path: grave robbing 101

Oldschool Session 29 was played on Thursday, December 5, 2013 using ACKS


By the blazes it was a good day to die! Huzzah! Thankfully, it was the Crimson Blades who showed the dead how to die, again. We lowered ourselves down into the damp and dripping catacomb, listening intently for any sort of commotion. Even when Gildenbough crashed off the rope and fell to the water below with a large crash there was no movement or sound other than the steady dripping of water. He redeemed himself as he searched for some hint of magic in the first ossuary. Nothing jumped out at him as particularly precious so we dashed headlong for the room where we had seen the sarcophagi. As Gildenbough stepped into the room he immediately called out that one of the standing skeletons was glowing with the lure of magic. This was all six of them picked up their weapons and stepped forth to battle. Harvestus held up a glowing sheaf of wheat and invoked the name of his sacred lady of the wheat. A few of the skeletons turned and cowered from the light. Tarsus bravely took on those skeletons while our heroic companions made quick work of the walking bones. The bodies entombed in the sarcophagi were quickly dispatched as well, although not without some damage to our intrepid burglar.

While examining the large stone relief at the head of the room a dastardly pit trap was discovered. Using one of the heavy lids as cover Kujira found a way to slide the panel open, revealing a gaping tunnel and the hint of light ahead. Dismay momentarily took over the party as a pale fleshed being strode forth. Broken chains and plates hung across his body while his eyes burned with a black dread that was palpable. Cold and fear flowed forth from his body in waves but our band stood firm. Jeroth!Bah led the attack against the creature and bore the brunt of his returns. Harvestus again sought the protection of his Lady although it appeared to have no discernible effect on the towering creature before us. Our albino lizard friend wielded his spear, Yakutz, with great skill and verve, striking deep gouges in the spirit before us. The foul abomination responded with a great black sword, encrusted with rubies while also reaching out for our tender flesh. The rest of us loosed attacks as well with less spectacular results. Handing off bottles of holy water that he'd purchased Tarsus and Harvestus both took aim and loosed. Harvestus landed a vial of the holy stuff (perhaps his Lady was watching after all?) and quickly followed it up with another. Between the oil and the ferocious onslaught of Jeroth!Bah the Wight fell in a most gruesome fashion. We made quick work looting his body and those of his skeletal guards. We are quite good at the looting aspect.

Knowing that there was one more room to clear before we could embark on a more thorough exploration of the bone filled rooms we attacked with gusto and the confidence that success brings. Harvestus once more struck great fear into the dead who were dispatched by a combination of blows and bows. Gildenbough worked his way through the dead like a fat man tears through fresh, hot meat pies. Kujira's mace shattered bones that were already broken before he fell beneath the paralyzing touch of one of the ghouls. Tarsus felt a shudder of sympathy at the experience. Luckily Jeroth!Bah and Gildenbough managed to stand toe-to-toe with the rest of the dead, putting them back into the ground where they belong.

Mounds of bronze, silver, and gold artifacts were removed from the chambers but we wouldn't leave without blessing the dead bodies we had disturbed. Our morals were mollified by the thoughts of all the good we could do with the reclaimed metals: orphans fed, churches built, missionaries sent out, all the good things.

Our band returned to the keep with our heads held high, all accounted for and itching to get back to the tower of hob. We shall crack that nut soon.

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Gildenbough the elf, Tarsus the thief, Juroth!Bah the lizard man, Kujira the dwarf, and Harvestus the human cleric

Skeletons x11 = 143xp
Skeleton elites x6 = 180xp
Ghouls x3 = 87xp
Wight* x1 = 300xp (Wight of King Herjolf had custom stats, a magic sword, and two attacks per round-was stronger than normal wight)

Total Encounter XP = 710 XP

Total treasure = 6450 GP (loot included: armband of King Herjolf, gold arm bands x12, assorted copper/silver/gold/bronze jewelry, cut gemstones x20, pair of bear figurines 1 jade 1 ivory, a large amount of coinage
Magic long sword- keep sage identified it as Neh-Ruj, the sword of King Herjolf of the Hauk barbarian tribe
Magic amulet- keep sage was unable to identify this item. Appearance: Crows head holding a small ruby in its beak, made of silver, with silver beads and silver clasp.

Total Expedition XP = 7160 XP

1432 XP to each PC

1290 GP to each PC.

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