Session 27: The Tower of Hob: a side quest

Oldschool Session 27 was played on Thursday, November 21, 2013 using ACKS


We found ourselves bored and looking for loot! I don't think any of us were quite ready for another go at the cave filled with the living dead and even if we were going to go at it we couldn't muster enough of our band to have any reasonable chance at success. While Kellin and Kajira and Kord were all off gallivanting around the keep, up to who knows what the rest of us found ourselves around a table in the inn when a stranger walked in asking for us. Given our reputation around the area it was something of a surprise that anyone would seek us out looking for work. He seemed a pious fellow but willing to work so why not bring him in? Maybe he'd keep us on the level and bring a sense of morality to our seedy, but loveable, band.

Heading out towards the keep the four of us, Gildenbough, Jeroth!Bah, Tarsus, and the new man-Harvestus, headed towards the caves looking for an easy target. We stumbled across dead and dying guards in the road, one of whom told us that two of his fellow men had been ambushed by some creatures that sounded like Hobgoblins we'd faced before. Using our tracking skills we hurried along behind, catching up along the banks of a creek. We couldn't settle on a solid plan to ambush the group and didn't want to risk them killing the two prisoners. A few of us charged forward towards the group while the elf used some magic words that I couldn't understand. As the rest of us approached the hobgoblins dropped off into a magical slumber. The cleric was shocked as we set about the task of slitting the throats of the unconscious animals. We did spare one to question…he refused to answer and in a nod towards our new member, tied up and left the remaining hobgoblin gagged and tied to a tree. We did get him to talk about some new dark cleric that had converted his tribe. Following the direction the group was heading we managed to find what appeared to be their lair.

Our valiant, brave, spirited, courageous, sneaky, intrepid companion Tarsus began advancing through an open field towards piles of rubble and a tower. He made it about halfway across the open area before taking an arrow in the back which almost killed him. Gildenbough climbed a tree to try and get a better look and he too took an arrow from a defender on top of the tower. The group retreated back towards the keep, deciding that bravery isn't always the best course of action. They all lived to fight another day, healing their wounds, and planning their return to the tower.

On the second trip we played it safer, conducting a thorough reconnaissance around the entire tower. Three of our group began sprinting for the wall while Tarsus went back to have another crack at the tower. With two dead hobgoblins on top of the tower we found ourselves in command of the tower with no way down. We saw chimney holes and knew there were creatures down below. We tried smoking them out and ambushing them at the door but to no avail. We couldn't get them out and didn't feel like going in the door to their waiting arms. So we decided to go back to our roots and sneak in through a hole in a stump we found. As we got closer we realized it was definitely an exit with boot prints coming and going from the somewhat hidden entrance. Jeroth!Bah led us down into a narrow series of tunnels where we were set upon by massive, filthy rodents of unusual size. We tore through them and found their den but not without injury to our own. Harvestus almost fell before the giant rats and Jeroth!Bah took a few large bites. At this point Goldenbough seemed ready to leave and none of the rest of us had any compelling reason to go at the tower alone when they knew we were there. Finding gems buried in the nests of the rats we at least didn't leave empty handed.

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Gildenbough the elf, Tarsus the thief, Jeroth!Bah the lizard man, Harvestus the cleric

10 Hobgoblins = 150 XP
8 Giant Rats = 120 XP

Total Encounter XP = 270 XP

Total treasure = 532 GP (loot included: 24.75gp in coinage, 8 hob ears, some sub standard hob gear, 5 small gems found in the RUS den)

Total Expedition XP = 802 XP

200 XP to each PC

133.18 GP to each PC.

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